[Latest News] kya Tik Tok Wapas aayega || Will Tik Tok Come back again in India

Ji han doston, bilkul sahi Suna aapane Tiktok sahit 59 apps bharat mein band kar Diye gaye hain. Ab Ham Sabhi Ka Yahi Sawal Hai kya Tik tok wapas aayega or tik tok wapis aayega kya , kab Wapas aayega Tik Tok, tik tok Wapas aaega ya Nahin aur tiktok se Judi latest jankari. Aaj kal Yahi topic training mein chal raha hai tik tok kab tak Wapas Bharat mein aane wala hai ? Will Tik tok come back again in india is Burning Social media topic these days .

TIK TOK Ban in India || Tik tok ban latest news

As we all know the government of India has banned more than 50 apps including TikTok, helo, and other Chinese apps. The decision was taken by the government in the thought of security breach and these apps might not be maintaining privacy and the datas of India might be given to foreign countries.

Kya Tik Tok Wapas aayega || tiktok wapas kab aayega || tiktok wapas aayega kya

Your question is very much true that when Tiktok will come back and will Tiktok back in India again. So the answer is probabilities yes.

Social media per Har aadami Yahi poochh raha hai ki kab Wapas aayega Hamara Tik Tok, tik talk Wapas aayega ? Doston yah Baat to sahi hai Jitna Tik Tok Mein Hamare social media ko influence kiya tha shayari Kisi Aur aapane na Kiya hoga.

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Tiktok Mein Kafi Logon ke talent ko bhi mauka diya aur bahut Sare log rural area Se Lekar Ke Bade shahron Tak aise nikale jinki life Badal Di Tik Tok nein.

 KITNA chance hai wapas aane ke TIK TOK ke ? Tik tok back again INDIA

Ji han doston, chances hai ki Tiktok jald Wapas a Jaaye. Tik Tok Ne Sare media Hote usko bataya hai ki jald se jald vah Prayas kar raha hai aur Sarkar se baat ki ja rahi hai. Tick tock ho sakta hai jald China Se Apna NATA Tod Diya aur office vahan se set kar liya Jaaye.


Sath mein yah bhi baten chal rahi hai ki kitna ka jo share hai vah pura India mein hi sirf kar diya Jaaye aur complete Indian banaa Diya Jaaye. Allah Ki Tik Tok mein kaha hai ki vah Kisi bhi Prakar ki Bhartiya data Ko Nahin likh nahin karti hai. Privacy maintain karti hai.

Aapko Bata De sath mein aur bhi app Hai Jaise HELO, a Din Ko bahan Kiya Gaya.HELO,TIK TOK ye sare app BYTEDANCE company ke Hain.

Yes my dear friends most probably within one month tiktok can be back again. Tiktok has talked with government and also inform different media houses that soon they are going to connect their functions with china. Also they are going to make app stakeholders completely Indian so that they can run directly from Indian databases. Companies looking very hardly and working very hard to fix this issue and soon will launch their app in India.

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This is very good news for all the stock and other social media lovers. Also for all the creators who created their fan base and name them on popular Tik Tok app.

Tik Tok Ban Latest news || Tik Tok news Today

The latest news is coming that the government has given the last date of 22nd July to respond list of 79 + questions on data protection and other things related to Tik Tok app. If all the app companies did not reply before 22nd July the apps would be banned permanently in India.

When did India ban TikTok?

Tik Tok was banned with other 59 apps on 25th June 2020 at 8:00 p.m. Evening by the government of India. It was really a shocking update for everyone. It camed anonymously and all were shocked.

Why TikTok banned in India? || What is the reason Tik Tok banned in India? 

India’s government has banned TikTok and dozens more Chinese-made apps it says are a danger to the country.

In a statement, it said the apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”.

In total, 59 apps were banned – among them popular messaging app WeChat. It follows escalating tensions along the disputed border between the two powers.

Both India and China deployed more troops to the Ladakh region in June.

tik tok ban latest news - tik tok back again in india

Is TikTok gonna be deleted ? Tik Tok on Playstore

This is the most asked question after the announcement of the Tiktok ban. The answer is YES my dear friend. You can check on Google Play Store, it has been removed from there. But still, if you have in your mobile and you have not uninstalled it, you can open the app. But after opening, you will see an error message and you won’t be able to see any videos or your profile.

So it can be said that the app has been deleted from the Play Store but yet remaining on your phone if you are not removing.

Mujhe lagta hai aap is Baat Ko samajh Gaye Honge, agar aapke mobile mein abhi tak Tik Tok app hai hai To vah Sirf isliye Kyunki Apne se pahle se install Karke Rakha Hai. Kyunki Play Store se se agale din Hata Diya gaya tha . Isliye Ham Kya kar sakte hain Tik Tok ko Play Store se delete kar diya Gaya hai.

Govt asks 79 questions to TikTok  || Tik tok latest news 11 July

Inconvenience is mounting for the 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok, that were as of late restricted by the Indian government over security issues. The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has sent a notification and a rundown of 79 inquiries to these restricted applications. The service has allowed them three weeks to react, bombing which these applications might be for all time prohibited in India.

The notification expresses that if these prohibited applications don’t react by July 22, the boycott forced on them would get changeless

With this notification and the rundown of 79 inquiries, any expectations of these Chinese applications causing a rebound in not so distant future to have endured a shot.

The thorough rundown of 79 inquiries that has been sent to these Chinese applications look for insights regarding their corporate inception, structure of parent organizations, financing, information the board, organization practices and servers that are being utilized by them.

The administration has requested that these organizations outfit data in regards to “unapproved information access” by them, alongside security highlights which can prompt abuse of information for undercover work and reconnaissance exercises.

Sources in the administration said alongside the survey, the service notice expresses that “activity against the applications was started under the Section 69 of the IT Act and powers vested with the Government of a sovereign country.”

ByteDance may move TikTok headquarters out of China as India bans Tik tok App

Yes, you are hearing right. Top authority of the company Bytedance whose app is TIK TOK, HELO, and others banned in India. Is there facing used business loss,And regarding this ByteDance may move TikTok headquarters out of China.

So that they can give Best do the business and run their apps in India and other countries without allegation to be passed towards China.

This is the latest development coming in the TikTok app Ban case. Already mentioned government has given chance till the 22nd of July to reply to 79 questions asked by the government on these apps.

IS TIK TOK PRO fake app viral in name of TIK TOK || Tik Tok Pro App

Friends be aware, the name of Tik Tok app many frauds and hac****rs trying to to leak your data as well as spread viral message that the Tiktok is back with the name” Tik Tok Pro “

Let me tell you it’s completely your fake news and tic tac has also clear that they are not launched any app named Tik Tok Pro. So don’t download any search for apps from unknown links.

Doston is Baat Ka Dhyan de ki ki Kuch logo Ne fake Message Viral Kiye Hain ki Tiktok pro naam Se naya Tiktok Kya Paya Hai. Bilkul jhuthi Khabar hai aur kripya Kisi bhi website ya link se kisi bhi app Ko download na Karen se aapke mobile ki data ki Suraksha aur privacy ko Khatra hai.

BEST Alternative of TIK TOK App in india || Tik Tok Alternatives

After the ban of Tiktok, many app came in the Indian market and open downloaded million times in just few days. The banning of Tik Tok has given a new chance to all the Indian entrepreneur To make some creative app and lead this social media field in India as an alternative of Tiktok,helo etc apps.

Doston aap ko batlate Hain top alternative tik tok ke:

1) MX Taka Tak – MX TakaTak is a short video community, made locally and specially by MX Media & Entertainment in India. On MX TakaTak, we provide rich video content and encourage creation full of imagination.

best Tik Tok alternative - MX TAKA TAK app

MX TakaTak offers you real and fun videos that you can watch and share on social media. Browse all types of videos, ranging from Dialogue Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and many more.

MX TakaTak- Short Video App by MX Player Laubched by MX Media & Entertainment (formerly J2 Interactive)

Content languages :

Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, English.

2) Roposo -Roposo is India’s favourite video creation and sharing app. Made in India, for India. You can use Roposo app in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia and Assamese.

best Tik Tok alternative - Roposo app

Download Roposo for short video creation and easy photo editing using video filters, GIF stickers & effects which help you create videos in slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage & stage mono light.

Roposo – India’s own video app is also alternative for Tik Tok.

Download Roposo for short video creation and easy photo editing using video filters, GIF stickers & effects which help you create videos in slow-mo, time-lapse, portraits with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage & stage mono light.

Roposo – India’s own video app is also alternative for Tik Tok.

3) Chingari – Chingari, the short video-sharing app made in India, has gained significantly after the government banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok.

Chingari co-founder and CEO Sumit Ghosh, has made it clear that the company will never accept funding from Chinese companies or investors.

“No Chinese money, no Chinese companies’ money … no Chinese direct or indirect money in Chingari ever. Not now, not ever,” Ghosh said.

“It will be the global (venture capitals), operating out of U.S. or U.K. – there’s a lot of global money available so definitely, no Chinese money,” he added.

4) Mitron – Mitron is a free Short Video and Social Platform based out of Bengaluru, India. It is designed for people to showcase their innovative videos inline with our theme of light humor. Mitron provides an easy and seamless interface for users to create, edit and share their videos, and at the same time browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

Our mission at Mitron is to create a platform where people can come and entertain themself with small videos posted by people across the globe and at the same time create a social incentive for people to share and create their own videos.

5) Instagram REELS – Instagram Reels is here to act as an alternative of TIK TOK.

In case you’re thinking what Instagram Reels is all about, think TikTok. Just like TikTok, Instagram Reels also lets you record short videos and edit them with music tracks, filters and more. Instagram Reels is also a new option for TikTok users other than the homegrown alternatives available in India. So for those missing TikTok or just anyone who wants to try out Instagram Reels, here’s how to get started.

Now you can follow these means to make account on Instagram Reels.

  1. Open the Instagram application and swipe option to get to the camera.
  1. Select ‘Reels’ from the base bar.
  1. Long press the video catch to record your video.
  1. You can include a melody by choosing the music note symbol on the left.
  1. Just underneath is the symbol to speed up the video.
  1. You can likewise add channels to your Reels by choosing the third symbol.
  1. The fourth altering choice is to include a clock in your Reels.
  1. Furthermore, ultimately, you can adjust your video for that additional impact.

Tik Tok Back in India || Viral News TIK TOK APP Back in india Again

As I said earlier also that if I will be back again you will be notified to place to as well as the company will release official statement. Many people are believing in the Tiktok Pro pack app and thinking it as a Tik Tok new app installing.

Please don’t install from unknown link search app. This is a viral message going around social media that the Tiktok app ban lifted and Tik Tok app back in India again.

So this muses movie are true and don’t follow this type of fake news. Keep following our page for latest and perfect news

Tik Tok stars reaction on ban || tik tok stars reaction on tiktok ban

Many Tik Tokers and Tik tok stars gave their reaction on the Tik Tok ban and the latest news tiktok coming back again . Latest the few Tik Tok stars statements :

Jannat Zubair – Jannat, who has an enormous after of more than 27 million clients stated, “As we as a whole realize the legislature has prohibited TikTok and other Chinese applications, I and my family absolutely bolster this boycott and I will blacklist it. I will be following all the rules and guidelines originating from our administration and each Indian should bolster this boycott with no questions. Nothing is a higher priority than our Military our Citizens our Doctors our Government our Police officials and our nation to me.”

Riya Kishanchandani – TikTok star Riya Kishanchandani has 5 million followers on the app. Posting a video on social media, she said “You all know that the Indian government has banned Chinese apps including TikTok. I feel bad but whatever decision, it is for our good. I am with this decision of the Government of India as there is nothing above my country.”

Ashnoor Kaur– TV entertainer Ashnoor Kaur who has 3.3 million TikTok adherents stated, “I am exceptionally content with the choice of the administration of the advanced strike that prohibited all Chinese applications. I am completely supporting it on the grounds that these applications turned into a significant piece of our life, particularly the life of the adolescent. It was an apparatus of diversion device for them. Nonetheless, since the interruption has been expelled, we will have the option to concentrate on profitable things.”

Mohit Tandon – Mohit Tandon, who is additionally very famous on the video-sharing stage stated, “On TikTok boycott, I might want to state that I am upbeat and miserable simultaneously. Cheerful on the grounds that whatever choice the legislature has taken, it is to serve the individuals and dismal in light of the fact that I have given two years to this. Whatever I did outward appearances and so on, I have consistently strived to give great substance to the crowd and consistently engaged individuals with the goal that they can grin. Indeed, I confide in my legislature totally, and simply like some other issue we will likewise battle this and I am content with the choice. The choice is correct yet I gave two years to a stage and for a craftsman two long years matters.”

How to use TikTok after ban || How to use TikTok after ban in india

Still, many people are trying to run Tik Tok app. As we know that it has been removed from Play Store but people are trying few tricks and also you will find several videos on YouTube showing how to run Tik Tok after Ban also. But trust me guys and all the tricks are not going to work.

Koi bhi trick kam Nahin karne wali kyon ki puri tarike se Tik Tok app ko band kar diya Gaya Hai Uske data ko bhi rok Diya gaya hai. YouTube per aapko hajaron Aise video mil Jaenge jismein aap ko yah bataya gaya hai ki kis tarike Se Ban Ke bad Tik Tok ka istemal Karen, how to use Tiktok actor ban.

Lekin koi bhi process Nahin Hai Bharat Mein Tik Tok ko chalane ka. Yahi sacchai hai and aap idhar udhar ke tricks ya FIR wrong videos Mein Na na Dekhen na forward Karen.

How to use TikTok using VPN ?

No need to try VPN or anything to run Tik Tok app. What now it has been banned and you cannot access it by any way. So please stop crying and searching for the Tiktok using VPN. I hope this advice will help you for your query how to use Tiktok using VPN.

I hope I try to give each and every question answer related to the topic of the Tik Tok ban, stop coming back again , tiktok best alternative and latest news related to Tik Tok.

Ummid karta hun doston yah post aapko Kafi Achcha Laga Hoga and Uske mayne tiktok ban se Judi Sabhi Jankari Dene Ki Prayas ki. Kya Tik Tok Wapas aayega,tiktok wapas kab aayega aur tiktok wapas aayega kya  jaise Sabhi prashnon Ke jawab Diye Hain. Aur bhi aapke Sawal jo ki Tiktok se Jude Hain iska bhi jawab sampurn Tor Tor Upar Diya Hai. Main padhta hun usko se aap santusht Honge aur apni Rai Hamen comment ko bataenge.

Ham Sab Yahi hi Nind Karte Hain Ki Tik Tok apni khamiyon ko Sahi Karen aur jald se jald Wapasaaye lekin INDIA ka TIK TOK , ! pure indian jona chahiye . Tik tok ke bahut Sare stars aur creator aur tiktokers ummid Lagaye Baithe Hain ki jald se jald unhen Apne talent Dikhane ka Dobara mauka milega.

Abhi tak ki latest update ke anusar 22 July se pahle Uttar prashn per jawab Manga Gaya Sarkar Ke dwara, agar company jawab Deti Hai sahi se, aapko jald se jald ummid Hai Ki aap Wapas jald se jald a Jaaye.



Driving Licence kaise banaye

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Will Tik Tok Come back again ?

YES ,Chances are there as Tik toka nd BYtedance company wont oose any chance of business from india,so by any mean they will try to return back india soon as per leaks and inside informations,

kya tik tok wapas aayega ? tik tok kab chalu hoga

Probably its assumed that later AUGUST it can return to India again with some changes and making all stake holders Indian and databases at india and certain changes ,according to information till date.

How to use Tik tok after Ban in india ?

Still, many people are trying to run Tik Tok app. As we know that it has been removed from Play Store but people are trying few tricks and also you will find several videos on YouTube showing how to run Tik Tok after Ban also. But trust me guys and all the tricks are not going to work. Neither VPN nor others !!

Have TikTok or Bytedance take any legal action against Govt.?

NO !! they wont ! ByteDance owned TikTok is not going to legally challenge the government’s ban of the app, people familiar with the developments said.

“There have been statements in the press concerning the possibility that TikTok might pursue legal action regarding the directive by the Government of India. It has no plans to pursue such action,

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