You v YouTube Quiz Answers | YOU vs Youtube Quiz Questions Answers

Hey guys. I am going to share a very important update and questions for you v youtube quiz going on. Asked and expected questions for you. YOU v YOUTUBE QUIZ ANSWERS and YOU vs youtube quiz answers details. All your queries will be solved here and You v youtube quiz questions answers in detail. Stay tune friends.

you v youtube quiz answers

YOU v Youtube Quiz Answers | you v youtube quiz questions answers

1) what name is given to Russia’s covid-19 vaccine – Sputnik v

2) ACORN is english term for fruit – OAK

3) How many colours present in Olympic flag -6

4) which of these are not considered as cardiovascular exercise – situp

5) Dan either walks or cycles to school. The probability that he cycles to school is  1/5. There are 200 days in a school year. Work out the expected number of days that Dan cycles to school in a school year. – 160

6) I came, I saw, I conquered also represent an apt example of – alliteration

You v Youtube quiz Questions [ Demo screenshots ]


You v Youtube Episode 1


7) What Shakespeare Play Had The Subtitle ‘The Moor Of Venice’? – othelo

8) faraday unit of – charge

9) scientific name of vinegar – acetic acid

10) which kind of waves are present in earthquake transverse longitude – both

11) who won National Film Award for Best male playback singer 2021 – B PRAK 

12) in Marvel cinematic Universe is Jarvis is acronym of just a rather very intelligent system what is EDITH acronym of – Even Dead, I’m The Hero

13) velodrome is an area in – cycling 

14) FIRST ATM in india by which BANK – HSBC

15) what was the service developed by Michael aldrich that came into spatial prominence during covid-19 lockdown- ONLINE SHOPPING 

16) what type of vehicle is the INS karanj which is used in Indian Navy – SUBMARINE

17) which of the following is a form of isometric exercise – plank

18) Mohammed Al Khwaja mean which branch of mathematics – algebra

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YOU Video Youtube quiz answers


1) Naomi osaka player – Tennis
2) Bovine used for – Cow
3) World environment Day – 5th JUNE
4) Which region of brain control your apetite- Hypothalamus
5) next number in series – 20,21
6) Dearly in 2020 poetry – Margaret Atwood
7) Monument mention in Arthur canon doyle story” The sign of Four” – Agra Fort
8) material used for soda,lime and silica – Glass
9) spaceX spacecraft names – dragon

YOU v Youtube Quiz Rules and Instructions

1 – You will need approximately 20 minutes to complete the quiz.

2 – You need to answer 25 questions with each question having a time limit of 20 seconds.

3 – Please ensure you have a good internet connection. In case your internet drops at any point, you will skip the current question and will not get any marks for it. 

4 – You will have 2 attempts for the quiz. In case of bad network or if you are unhappy with your first attempt, you can avail of the second attempt.

5 – The second attempt will have to be taken immediately after the first attempt. The highest score of the two attempts will be considered. 

6 – Please note that the quiz link will be valid till the 2nd of June 2021. 

7 – If you clear the audition quiz and make it to our show, you will stand a chance to win up to 10 Lakh rupees by just answering 10 questions. 

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