Cancel BHU Entrance Exam 2021 BoycottNTA Trending #boycottNTA #cancelBHUEntrance

After BHU Entrance exams 2021 students are very upset and demanding cancellation of the NTA BU exam 2021. Students say that there were a lot of issues during the Entrance exam of BHU 2021 and BHU exam pattern was also not followed and admit cards related to major issues. So #BoycottNTA is trending and also #cancelBHUentrance exams are also trending. Let’s understand Why students want to cancel BHU entrance exams 2021 in detail.

What is the matter of cancel BHU entrance exam 2021. Why is #BoycottNTA trending. BHU was organized by NTA for the first time in this year 2021 and according to the students, it was a complete failure. In fact, on the day of the examination, student complaints were being received that there is a lot of negligence in the examination conducted by NTA. Nta also conduct neet 2021 exam.

Will BHU entrance exam 2021 Cancel ? #cancelBHUEntrance

No question papers were asked on the correct pattern, no arrangement at the center, in many centers, children were given examinations on laptops or tablets only. Admit cards for many courses were not out till 12 hours 18 hours before the exam.

The centers are being changed on the night before the exam, some students are being done from CBT mode to OMR mode. In view of this, many online institutes and students preparing in BHU have started this campaign, in which they demand that NDA accept its mistakes and get the BHU exam done properly.

Many BHU entrance exam 2021 exam takers are demanding to cancel the exam and conduct it again and they also know what their reasoning is behind it. Let us know what in the main 5 points, but for any problem, the children are demanding to take the exam again.


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1. In the entrance exam of Bhu Bsc.Ag, the admit card was not issued 24 hours before and was issued at 2:00 PM but there were many errors in that too. After sometime the admit card started downloading but 7:30 am was your time. And from 10:00 last night before the exam, students were messaged on mobile through India that your center has been changed or your CBT mode has been changed to OMR mode. Now in this affair, the children will get their admit card out at 10:00 am at 7:00 am. Absolutely thought provoking and accurate.

2.In many courses the computer was not working or the mouse was not working at the examination center. Arrangements were not made properly at the centers of 2021 and there was no alternative arrangement. In how many places, children had to take examinations on tablets or laptops, they were also not working properly, children also want answers from NTA.

3.The exam pattern was completely rejected in BA, Bsc Agriculture and many other courses. Let us understand for the exam. In BA I used to come 15 questions of Reasoning, but by NDA, these 15 questions were mixed with Mathematics and Reasoning. In the name of reasoning, 7 to 8 maths questions have been put. Children should also demand that this is completely wrong and NTA should answer on this.

4.The examination of BHU and BBAU was made a common examination at the last minute while these two are separate examinations. The children gave different money for both the exams then how can both be considered as one jam. Who will answer how many children had two exams at the same time? Everywhere NTA has done its arbitrariness, this is to say of the children.

Looking at all, the children say that the BHU administration and NTA will answer, how will all these issues be resolved? How the children will pass the exam and the children are very angry about this and their Twitter is going to trend about this.

That’s why the children came together to make a trend #boycottNTA #cancelbhuentrance, together with everyone is going to reach their point.

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Will the BHU entrance exam 2021 be canceled

No, Right now Students are demanding this. NTA has not said anything regarding the cancellation of Exam .so Right now this is an update.

Why #BoycottNTA is Trending

Because of many issues in NTA conducted BHU entrance exam 2021, students are protesting and demanding #BoycottNTA and trending all over the internet.

Why #cancelBHUentrance Trending

Cancel BHU entrance exam is trending due to 4 major factors like no BHU ADMIT CARD not at the time, change the pattern of exam, CBT to OMR mode changes at last moment, etc. factors.

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