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Nowadays Insurance has become one of the most important and necessary in persons day to day life. Let’s read Health Insurance related Questions and Health Insurance FAQs. And amongst different types of insurances, Health Insurance is the priority of humans nowadays. Health Insurance has a wide variety of respect as well as variations in the market. Money and insurances are two aspects.

After this very tough phase which is still going on, people have become aware regarding Health insurance. Different insurance players and companies provide health insurance. In this article, you will get answers to all the queries you have regarding Health Insurance and other insurances related FAQs.

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Importance of Health Insurance

So let me start today’s article by telling you about the Importance of Health Insurance sharing a small story about my dad. so last year my dad, unfortunately, had to go through a kidney stone removal operation and we took him to a hospital in Gurgaon and we met the doctor so the moment we met the doctor, guess what his first question was?  i really want you to guess. so please type out your answer in the comments.

so the doctor literally asked do you have insurance that was his first question and eventually after the conversation i realized why the doctor was asking that as the first question their process, was that if you have insurance then we recommend you to get admitted for three days in the hospital and if you don’t have insurance then just get admitted for one day right. so three days versus one day.

 so luckily we had bought insurance from HDFC and ICICI is one of the platforms from which I highly recommend you to buy insurance from. I have shown earlier also that I buy my insurance from HDFC and my entire family buys insurance from ditto the reason is very simple that you actually get to speak with a live person before you buy insurance. so you understand all the complications challenges that come with it. so coming back to the story, my dad got admitted to the hospital for three days and he recovered. so we celebrated the entire thing in goa. you can check the photos.

so good times, now there are three reasons why I am telling you this story, number one reason is that the health care costs in India are going up massively and they would continue to go up. why am I saying it, there was a study that was done by mercer marsh and it said that the projected medical trend rate will be 10 in India while the inflation will be at 5. what they are simply saying is that the inflation in India is growing at five percent but the health care inflation in India is growing at a ten percent now. 

IS this high time to buy HEALTH INSURANCE ?

this is a very very alarming situation .if you go to private hospitals and if you don’t have insurance and if the health care expense is growing at such a massive pace 2x ,the inflation then you can imagine that 10 years- 15 years down the line ,even the insurance is going to get very expensive and the healthcare treatment is going to get very very expensive .so therefore you need insurance now .please don’t take this part as a criticism of private hospitals because i understand that there is a lot of expense that private hospitals incur, so they have to design practices where they can make a little bit of money right .

I am completely against the unethical practices that hospitals do, but this is like a financial maneuvering from private hospitals to make more money .so they are systematically charging insurance company more money to treat patients. for example in my dad’s case he could have easily stayed in the hospital for just one day but the doctor advised us that hey you know what is on the side of caution and stay at the hospital for three days right of course the bill will be higher and the hospital will get paid more from the insurance company .now this trend was already there on the developed countries. you might have heard that doctors in the US , Australia bunch of other different countries are on the side of caution.


Now i am not a medical expert, i don’t know how this entire system works but essentially because doctors tend to er on the side of caution. they have started doing more and more in india may be because people are buying more insurance. because of which the health care cost will also keep on rising .this is one of the most prominent factors, the important lesson for us without getting into the medical debate is that hey we should have insurance because if we do not have insurance and if the cost of health care rises massively, it can create financial hard work for your family.

the second point that you need to notice is and ask yourself that hey who is paying for this high healthcare cost now, US is a wonderful example of this case study because this case study 10 years – 20 years down the line will apply to India also. Now here is a graph in front of you which shows the u.s health care expense as a percentage of GDP right from 1970 to 2018. now there is a very clear uptrend in terms of the line or the rate at which the healthcare inflation has risen in the u.s it is going up in fact. the uptrend is so strong that it is putting stock markets to shame. Comment below if you are a geek like me on stock markets and like this joke now.

Here are some articles that might be useful to you !

 if you analyze these increasing healthcare expenses in the u.s in conjunction with the number of people, who are uninsured or the percentage of the population that is uninsured in the u.s you will realize that over time the healthcare cost has gone up. it has gone up like this and the number of people who are uninsured are going like this .so there is an inverse relationship currently in the u.s approximately 12 percent of the population just 12 percent of the population is uninsured the health care cost in the US is so prohibitive. 

it’s so prohibitive that if you get your finger cut right and if you have to go to the doctor to get it attached your hospital bill might come out to be a hundred thousand us dollars. it’s that crazy and expensive there right therefore in the US, it is almost mandatory to buy insurance now the same trend might get replicated in India ,not at such an accelerated pace but definitely some variant of it will get replicated in india.

Currently, we have a very small base of people who have health insurance right now these base numbers are highly debatable but it ranges from 20 to 30 percent which is very very low, going forward this base will improve so as we transition from being a low insurance society to a high insurance society. the cost of health care will also rise not because of this factor this will be a contributing factor but because of bunch of other factors and the government will have to undertake a lot of health care budget more prominent doctors might enter the Indian market.

They would want to serve in India and of course, they are going to expect higher salaries government might change policies in terms of pharmaceutical research in terms of how public and private hospitals are run increase their budgets because of which health care costs will rise up if you think about it from a government’s perspective.

now let’s imagine a situation where everyone in India has a health insurance right and health insurance companies are essentially paying for people’s health care then the government can come out with more stringent rules for hospitals right so in India you might have noticed that during Korna virs there was black fungus problem that happened due to the poor operational mechanics that were adopted by private hospitals .

Now the government can come and say that you know what you guys are making a lot of money,so ensure that all your operations are running smoothly .just following stringent protocols, so essentially the point that I’m trying to drive home is very simple. that as the quality of healthcare improves in India, the cost of healthcare will also improve as more people get insured in India government will align more policies accordingly.

All this will lead to towards the end better healthcare, the better quality of healthcare but higher prices as well right so please keep this point in mind. that this trend is already happening as we transition from being a low insurance society to a high insurance society. we will see high health care costs hitting us, so therefore it is very important to buy insurance third and final point is that covet 19 has acted as a catalyst for escalating the health care costs.if you look at the budget allocation of the Indian government this is what it says that the ministry of health and family welfare has allocated rupees seventy-one thousand two hundred and sixty-nine crore in the financial year 2021.

An increase of 10% over previous years right this is a massive jump, 10% budget allocation is a lot of money especially when we are talking about thousands of crores. so there is a very clear trend that the government is pouring in a lot of healthcare infrastructure in india .in fact going forward the public is going to put a lot more pressure on the Indian government to allocate even more budget and make even more expenses in the healthcare industry because it needs to be done there is just no other option.

Best family health insurance plans in India

One of the best Health Insurance in India is that it allows an individual to cover him/herself as well as their family members with the flexibility to switch and select plans according to their ease. For middle-class people, the Best Health Insurance company is very important to get. At present in India, the Growth and demand for Health Insurance are at a boom.

Why because India was one of the most it is very unfortunate but india was one of the most severely hit covet 19 countries in the world .so public is demanding better healthcare infrastructure and facilities. now as these healthcare infrastructure facilities improve the cost of health care will keep on going up . the only way you can hedge yourself is very very simple by buying insurance. now you might say actually that you know what since the government is already spending so much money on improving the health care facilities in India. why do i even need insurance right the government will take care of me yes but unfortunately the government is making investments in a wide range of fields.

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  • if i ask you a very simple question government has made a lot of investments in public schools, now would you be sending your kids to government schools majority of us don’t.if we have the mind power similarly would you want to get your loved ones treated at government hospitals, the situation is very dire so unless there is no option. that we have we will never go to government hospitals, despite whatever the government is doing at the back end. it is an unfortunate state,i am being blunt and practical with you but the reason why i am talking about government expense is fairly simple .that it acts as an indicator of health care inflation as the government starts spending more on health care the prices of healthcare will also increase.

     why because at the backend what would happen they will have to create an army of doctors, they will have to pay them.we will have to have trained medical staff, you will have to create world-class medical universities, you will have to improve back-end logistics infrastructure. now, who pays for all this right who pays for all this it’s the public in the form of taxes, therefore the total cost of health care for people like you and me will increase.

    there is just absolutely no reason why that would not happen but buying health insurance is very very complicated .what are network hospitals, how much coverage should you buy a bunch of different questions will come. I had shot a video earlier, you can go and check it out that will help you understand more. thanks for reading this article and I will see you the next time on my website.

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    Here is a list of Questions and Answers regarding HEalth insurance. Go through these FAQs to find our answer. I hope this helps you to get all information regarding Health insurance and clear your doubts and queries. So let’s start reading this. Comment Below if you don’t find an answer to any questions related to Health insurance, we will update you.

    Is there any insurance company to insure canoe?

    Canoe disease is known as Weil’s disease which is caught by absorbing the bacteria from the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth or eyes. Health Insurance by any company is not yet known. As this is a very rare disease, but you can consult an Insurance company and specify about this. Under special consideration, they might have this disease included.

    Knee injury is life insurance or general insurance

    This is a good Question regarding Knee Injury Insurance. Let me tell you that Knee injury comes under Health insurance. You can claim under this insurance. Life insurance will not be suitable for that. You can also contact your Insurance company and ask them about Knee injury insurance types to get a more elaborate answer.

    How many days it take to issue a term insurance policy after pre insurance medical test?

    After the pre insurance medical tests, Reports come and if all is normal,Policy should be issued in 1-2 weeks maximum. It can differ depending on process and steps taken by respective insurance company.

    Percentage of life insurance and general insurance in Kerala 2021

    Kerala is not very much active in Health insurance or life insurances but yes has a good number of insurers. Here I am attaching a link to a pdf by IRDA which shows stats about the Percentage of life insurance and general insurance in Kerala

    Have five lakh insurance coverage for cancer treatment?

    There are several Cancer treatment Insurance plans. I am listing here some of them according to the query of 5 lakh insurance coverage for cancer treatment.
    Aditya Birla Health Insurance (Active Secure – Cancer Secure)
    [Min. – Rs. 5 lakhs, Min. age – 18 years], [Max. – Rs. 1 crore Max. age – 65 years]
    Care  Health Insurance (Cancer Mediclaim)
    [Min. – Rs. 10 lakhs ,Min. age – 5 years], [Max. –  Rs. 2 crores Max. age – 50 years]
    Max Bupa Health Insurance (CritCare)
    [Min. – Rs. 3 lakhs,Min. age – 18 years] , [Max. –  Rs. 2 crores,Max. age – 65 years]

    How to claim 5 Lacs insurance coverage after death of card holder and what are ingredients for it?

    There are certain documents and data required to be placed in front of Insurance company and after verification of those ,Insurance company will allow the claim of insurance coverage. Generaly, the following documents are needed to process a death claim:
    Death certificate
    Original policy documents.
    ID proof of the beneficiary.
    Age proof of insurer.
    Discharge form (executed and witnessed)
    Medical certificate (as proof for the cause of death)
    Police FIR (in case of unnatural death)

    Does health insurance coverage a family of 4 people for covid-19?

    Yes! many Insurance companies are giving Family plan insurance for covid 19. For example, Corona Kavach – Family Health Insurance Plan for Covid-19 by Max Bupa is one of those plans. Similarly, you can visit the website of insurance and search for combo family plans for health insurance regarding COVID 19

    Covid Vaccine insurance coverage

    At present, there is no Vaccine related insurance policy of coverage.

    Is Resident verification after completion of one year for taking insurance in Max Life term insurance?

    Is Resident verification after completion of one year for taking insurance in Max Life term insurance can be answered on this number 0124-648-8900 (09:00 AM to 09:00 PM Monday to Saturday) . You can confirm regarding Resident verification on this number

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