Covid vaccine centres in Nagpur | Covid vaccine centre near me

“As we all are aware that Covid is spreading very fastly in Nagpur and other parts of India. Take covid vaccine policy by Government of India is already started at Covid vaccination centres across states,districts and country including Nagpur. Let’s know that where is Covid vaccine centres in Nagpur and Covid vaccine centre near me, so you can visit and get the vaccination done. “

“As per rules by GOI and age criteria, you can Apply on the COWIN website and Register Free, and then select the date, time & centre name where you want to take covid vaccine. visit any of the centers whose name is mentioned on the website as well as below. Let’s see list of covid vaccination centres in Nagpur and know about Centres near you in Nagpur.”


list of covid vaccination centres inNagpur | covid vaccine centre near me

Covid vaccine centres in nagpur

Here is the complete list of Covid vaccine centres in Nagpur. Read the article in detail with every covid vaccine centres in Nagpur with name, address and pin code details also. So if you go through this, you will have no trouble while visiting your nearest covid vaccination centre inNagpur. Here are the detailed List of centres , have a look –

  • National Cancer Institute ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • Maya Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • SURETECH HOSPITAL Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • SWAMI VIVEKANAND Hospital Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • Ayush Building AIIMS Mihan,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • ESIS Hospital,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440024.
  • Isolation Hospital,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440038
  • KINGSWAY HOSPITAL Paid , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440001.
  • Pachpaoli Maternity Hospital ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440017
  • Alexis Multispecialty Hospital ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440030.
  • Apulki Vairagade Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440024.
  • ASHA HOSPITAL Kamptea ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441001.
  • B Site AIIMS Nagpur.Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • Babulban Ayurvedic Dispensary,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440008.
  • Babulkheda UPHC,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440027.
  • Baraskar Hospital Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • C Site Ayush Building AIIMS,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • Chaudhary FAONH Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • Crescent Hospital Heart Centre,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012.
  • Criticare Hospital ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012.
  • Cure It Hospital,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440034.
  • D Site Ayush Building AIIMS, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441108.
  • FLW Police Headquarters Nagpur, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440030.
  • G T Padole Hospital ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440022.
  • Ganga Care Hospital Ltd., Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012.
  • Garib Nawaz Nagar Health Post, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440026
  • GILLURKAR HOSPITAL , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440009.
  • HCG Nchri Cencer Center , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440026.
  • Hope Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440026.
  • Indira Gandhi Rugnalay, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • Indora UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440014.
  • Indra Gandhi Med. College B, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440018.
  • Jaitala UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440036.
  • Jaripatka Polyclinic, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440014.
  • KDK Ayu. College Nandanvan, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440009.
  • Keshav Hospital Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440034.
  • Khamla Ayu. Dispensary, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440025.
  • Krims Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • KT Nagar UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440013.
  • Kunal Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440030.
  • Lalganj Ayurvedic Dispensary, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440002.
  • Lotus Hospital And Res. Cen. ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440009.
  • Mahal Diagnostic Center, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440032.
  • Manewada UPHC,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440024.
  • Meditrana Institute , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • Midas Multispecialty Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010.
  • MOGRE CHILDREN HOSPITAL ,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440009.
  • Nandanvan Uphc, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440024
  • Nara UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440014.
  • Narsala Uphc Center,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440034.
  • Pardi UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440035.
  • Platina Heart Hospital Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012.
  • Poly Clinic Motibag, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440014.
  • Prabhat Hospital Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441001.
  • Radiance Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440008.
  • RNH Hospital Pvt.Ltd. Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012.
  • RST HOSPITAL Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440002.
  • Sadar Rog Nidan Kendra, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440001.
  • Satranjipura Health Post, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440002.
  • Sengupta Hospital Paid, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440033.
  • Sevenstar Hospital Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440009.
  • Shri Bhavani Multspe. Hospital Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440035
  • Spandan Heart Institute Paid,Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
  • Tajbagh Health Post, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440024.
  • Viveka Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440022.
  • Well Treat Mult. Hospital Wadi, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440023.
  • Wockhardt Hospital , Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440033
  • Zingabai Takli UPHC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440030.

Above is the complete lists and information about Nagpur Centres for covid vaccination. Have a look at all centres very minutely and try to choose nearest from your home for Taking covid vaccination in Nagpur.

covid vaccination Nagpur | Take Covid Vaccine

Conclusion of Take Covid vaccine after checking Covid vaccination centre near me or covid vaccine centre list in Nagpur from above data or COWIN GOV website of Government of India. Every citizen must be Covid Vaccinated so that slowly we all can together bring down increasing covid graph as well as remain safe. Spread awareness regarding covid vaccination and appeal to people to get the vaccination done as soon as possible. 

The government made rules,but many people not following taht rules. Just keep Social distancing,wear mask and take vaccine from near centre of your State or Districts vaccine centre. We all pray,that Everyone remains fit and healthy. STAY SAFE! CHECK COVID VACCINE CENTRE in NAGPUR now.

Thanks for reading my blog. SHARE and SPREAD AWARENESS… PLEASE SHARE as much as possible. We all can do this by helping others know about this and keep rumors away.  All the best.

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