Covid vaccine centres in Patna | covid vaccination centre in patna bihar

Covid is spreading very rapidly in Patna and other parts of Bihar. Take covid vaccine in Patna policy by Government of India is already started at Covid vaccination centre in patna bihar & across other states,districts and country including Patna. Let’s know that where is Covid vaccine centres in Patna and Covid vaccine centre near me, so you can visit and get the vaccination done.


list of covid vaccination centres in Patna | covid vaccine centre near me

Here is the complete list of Covid vaccine centres in Patna. Read the article in detail with every covid vaccine centres in Patna with name, address and pin code details also. So if you go through this, you will have no trouble while visiting your nearest covid vaccination centre in Patna ( Bihar ). Here are the detailed List of centres , have a look –


  • AASTHALOK HOSPITAL,Patna, Bihar, 800020.
  • Advanced Neuro Diagnostic Cen,Patna, Bihar, 800014.
  • AIIMS Patna,Patna, Bihar, 801505.
  • Ajgara HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803221.
  • Ajwan HWC,Patna, Bihar, 801109.
  • Akauna HWC Punpun,Patna, Bihar, 804453.

Khan sir Patna

  • Akbarpur,Patna, Bihar, 801505.
  • Arap HWC,Patna, Bihar, 801104.
  • Arvind Hospital,Patna, Bihar, 800016.
  • Athmalgola PHC .,Patna, Bihar, 803211.
  • Bajitpur HWC ,Patna, Bihar, 804453.
  • Bakhtiyarpur PHC,Patna, Bihar, 803212.
  • Bansh Bigha HWC,Patna, Bihar, 804451.
  • Banskothi Patna Sadar,Patna, Bihar, 800011.
  • Barah HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803110.
  • Barh PHC ..,Patna, Bihar, 803213.
  • BARH SDH,Patna, Bihar, 803213.
  • Belaur HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803214.
  • Belchhi PHC..,Patna, Bihar, 803110.
  • Bhagwanganj HWC,Patna, Bihar, 804454.
  • BHAISWA HWC,Patna, Bihar, 804454.
  • Bharatpura HWC,Patna, Bihar, 801102.
  • BIG Apollo Spectra Hospitals,Patna, Bihar, 800008.
  • Biharibag HWC Pandarak,Patna, Bihar, 803221.
  • Bihta PHC.,Patna, Bihar, 801103.
  • Bikram PHC,Patna, Bihar, 801104.
  • Bindauli HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803201.
  • Birju Bigha HWC,Patna, Bihar, 804453.
  • Buddha.Dental.Hospital,Patna, Bihar, 800020.
  • Chanduara HWC,Patna, Bihar, 804453.
  • CSSH Hospital,Patna, Bihar, 800020.
  • CURIS HOSPITAL,Patna, Bihar, 801503.
  • Danapur PHC,Patna, Bihar, 801503.
  • Danapur Sdh,Patna, Bihar, 801503.
  • Daniyawan PHC,Patna, Bihar, 801304.
  • Darve HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803221.
  • Datiyana Hwc,Patna, Bihar, 801104.
  • Dhanama HWC,Patna, Bihar, 803213.
  • Dhanarua PHC,Patna, Bihar, 804451.
  • Dulhinbazar PHC,Patna, Bihar, 801102.


covid vaccination Patna | Take Covid Vaccine in PATNA

Conclusion of Take Covid vaccine article after checking Covid vaccination centre near me in Patna or covid vaccine centre list in patna from above data or COWIN GOV website of Government of India. Every citizen must be Covid Vaccinated so that slowly we all can together bring down increasing covid graph as well as remain safe.

The government have already allowed 45+ year people to get vaccinated .And its Free at all government hospitals and 250Rs. at Private hospitals. Just keep following Social distancing, wear mask and take vaccine from near centre of your State or Districts vaccine centre. We all pray,that Everyone remains fit and healthy. STAY SAFE! CHECK COVID VACCINE CENTRE IN PATNA now.

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