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Recently Khan sir name came in FIR for the RRB NTPC protest case. yes, Railway has lodged FIR on KHAN SIR Patna in the RRB NTPC protest matter. RRB NTPC FIR on khan sir is a very trending issue. Students are also very angry due to this step of the government.

Khan sir Patna is trending nowadays on google searches. Khan sir Real name is a matter of search by people and students. The whole Khan sir controversy is because of real name of khan sir. Everyone wants to know what is the real name of khan sir . Khan sir name is AMIT SINGH or FAIZAL KHAN? Also in this detailed Khan sir Interview, Khan sir Biography and khan sir Wikipedia . I will provide all details regarding this khan sir name controversy. Apart from this Khan sir class notes pdf, khan sir contact number,khan sir income or khan sir religion like queries are being Frequently searched. So we will provide you all information regarding Khan sir in this Article. Stay tuned for Khan sir’s website details too.


Khan sir Real name | Khan sir name Amit singh or Faizal Khan

Shakespeare had said what is there in the name, but nowadays, Khan, Sir Patna, has been in the limelight due to his name. There are too many trolls all over social media and the topic of discussion has also remained. What is the real name of khan sir? Is Khan sir’s real name Amit Singh or Faizal Khan?

Khan Sir Patna Wale has more than 9 million followers on YouTube and he is one of the most famous teachers in India. But due to his name, he is very much in the headlines nowadays and also dominates all the news channels. A lot of memes and trolling are being done on social media regarding the controversy of the same name, which is not right in a way.

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what is Khan sir Patna real name | Khan sir full name wikipedia

All of you must be waiting for the secret to be revealed and you will want to read the interview of Khan sir and would like more information about Khan sir. Today we are going to tell you about the interview of Khan sir and along with many questions related to Khan sir which are kept asking, like Khan sir real name, what is the full name of Khan sir, Khan sir Patna full name, Khan sir Wikipedia, Amit Singh or Faizal Khan, Khan Sir Patna Interview | You get answers to all such questions from today’s Khan Sir interview in Hindi and English


Khan sir Interview | Khan sir latest news Interview

This interview was recently published on Zee Hindustan. Khan sir gave his answer on the controversy about his name and in this interview, Khan sir gave more information about himself and told why he is not telling his real name to the world. He also spoke on the ongoing controversy about the name Khan Sir Real. Let us know what else Patna Khan sir said.

Anchor: I salute you or say hello, because all these things have been going on on social media for the last several days, what is the real name of Khan sir? Is Khan Sir’s name Amit Singh? Is Khan Sir’s name Faizal Khan? First of all, please answer this.

Khan Sir: Look, do not name me nor greet us, call us Jai Hind. We belong to this country and speak for the country.

Anchor: You are for the country, but what is your real identity? It is very important to understand that, Khan sir.

Khan sir: Look sir, mine is my title, we never said that Khan sir is our real name. We have said the same thing for the first time.

Anchor: Khan sir your full name is finally here, may I ask what is your real name?

Khan sir: See, if you forcefully ask someone to tell you your name or give some personal information, then it will feel right that you are doing injustice to him. After all, my identity is with Khan sir, what will you do knowing the name Rashi and I said even 1 year ago, what is kept in the name. You tell me if I will come in class and after candidly tell my name, what is the need of that. After all, I write down my name.

Anchor: So why is there a ruckus all over social media regarding Khan sir’s name and Khan sir’s caste?

Khan Sir: I do not want to give clarification to such people who are thinking in the name of religion or caste that I should come before them and tell my name. After all, Modi ji’s name is “Modi” but in fact his full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi. Similarly, my name is also mine.

Anchor: Because you are very famous on social media and you are going to dispute about your name, I just want to tell you what your full name is so that you can put a stop to this controversy.

Khan sir: We are telling you sir that we will tell people our real name in the coming times but do not want to give such explanation to such fanatics and people. We will not tell you whenever you want to come on your channel.

Anchor: So when will you finally tell your real person in front of people and control the dispute?

Khan Sir: We also said a few days ago that when our YouTube channel gets 10 million subscribers, we will tell our real name to the people themselves. Till yesterday when people were answering, people wanted us a lot but today people are calling us good on social media due to the name dispute. It is not necessary to tell such people about your name or about yourself.

Anchor: I would like to show you a picture in which you are in saffron robes and in Hindu costumes.

Khan sir: Yes, this picture and video picture are absolutely correct. We are in India, we have freedom of expression and other things. I show you this picture, in which I am in Muslim clothes, you cannot tell whether I am a Hindu or a Muslim by looking at my object. The Constitution of India gives me complete freedom.

Anchor: Then you should put an end to this controversy by revealing your name, why are you not revealing your real name, Khan sir? What is the secret of khan sir patna viral video?

Khan Sir: Anyone who is close to me, friends or people associated with me, knows the name kept in it, but those who want it to be on my orders or forcing them or because of the insistence of the fundamentalists, I will give my name. If I tell or I give some clarification, I am not going to do it. There is a big reason behind not telling my name and I will also reveal its secret in the coming days.

Anchor: You teach people through YouTube, you teach the future of the whole country to children for free, so why are a handful of people doing such statements and actions against you and the Khilafat? Why is Khan sir being maligned?

Khan sir: Only those people can tell why they want to malign Khan sir. We say and do what is right for the country. Khan sir, we have been called by people for 4 years, today no one has got our name from Khan. But we cannot tell why this dispute is happening today.

Anchor: So what would you like to say about this whole controversy? What do you want to say about the Khan sir interview and what is the real name of Khan sir?

Khan Sir: We would just like to say that those people who are sitting empty or who have no work, how are those people doing all these things to discredit anyone. If they have the courage then come to your channel and prepare for physics, chemistry, competition. But he will not do this, but only to create a social media maligning others. They will not get anything from this. The way Khan sir used to teach through his channel earlier, he will continue to teach in the same way. What is the name of Khan sir does not matter? This is latest update

Khan sir Controversy #Khansirpatna

The real controversy is about this. The children lovingly call him Khan sir and impart knowledge to all the people on his YouTube channel and are quite famous. What is the real name of Khan sir real name or Khan sir, about which some things have been revealed. Based on the old picture and video, his name is being told as Amit Singh. But there is also some evidence that his name is Faizal Khan.

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What is Khan GS Research Centre?

Khan GS Research Centre is run by Khan sir Patna who is famous teacher on YouTube. Khan GS Research Centre is the name of YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers where Khan sir Patna makes videos on several topics and current affairs. Khan GS Research centre Centre is located at Kishan Cold Storage, Patna 800006. It was started during lockdown as offline classes were stopped sokh answer started this YouTube channel  named ” Khan GS RESEARCH CENTRE “

Who is owner of Khan GS Research Centre?

Khan sir Patna is owner of Khan GD Research centre Youtube channel and Classes .

Address of Khan sir GS Research Centre

Khan GS Research centre Centre address is  Kishan Cold Storage, Patna 800006 . Khan GS Research centre Centre is Patna based Classess and Youtube educational channel run by famous Khan sir . Address is near Kishan cold storage in city Patna,Bihar & Pin code is 800006 . You can find this address in Google maps also to reach khan gs research centre easily.


Khan sir Wikipedia | Khan sir patna Biography

NameKhan sir patna
Founder ofKhan sir GS research centre
Age28 years
ReligionHindustani ( JAI HIND )
QualificationPost Graduate, Allahabad university
Khan sir patna wikipedia | Khan sir BIOGRAPHY
  • Khan Sir Patna was born in 1993 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh,India.
  • Khan sir is one of the most famous teacher on Youtube platform.
  • Khan sir is known for his way of teaching and covers latest topics.
  • Khan sir patna comedy,memes and videos are famous on internet
  • Khan sir has written many books under kiran publication also.

khan sir religion | khan sir Hindu or muslim

As khan sir always is in his classes also that he is Hindustani & Indian. He respect all religion.He is not claiming himself as a hindu or muslim. Whenever this is asked to him,he says that i love to be called BHARTIYA! I celebrate all the Hindu festivals as well as the Muslim festivals. I read Geeta also as well as I read Quran also. Khan sir patna never discriminate based on the religion. so I respect all the religion .  And this is final answer to query that What is khan sir religion . Also Khan sir is hindu or muslim .

Khan sir Patna wife | Khan sir wife name

According to latest information and news , Khan sir is still unmarried. So there is no Wife of khan sir . As soon as khan sir is married, his wife name will be revealed on this blog. Stay tuned for update on Wife name of Khan sir patna.

khan sir income | khan sir net worth , Khan sir patna income

Khan sir income and Khan sir net worth is also one of the most searched terms in Google related to Patna’s khan sir. khan sir main source of income is from classes on APP and YOUTUBE channel – Khan Gs Research Centre. let’s calculate briefly and understand the estimated income of khan sir. 
If you see khan sir YouTube channel, there are 12-14 videos every published every month with average view of 7 milion per video. Youtube pay for ads run on videos. And average 1$ is paid for every 3000 views on videos. SO from this we can calculate, rough estimation of monthly revenue generated by the YouTube videos. 

1 video = 7 milion views 
14 videos every month = 14 * 7 milion views 
 Total views every month = 100 million views (average )

If 3000 views = 1$ 
 100 Million views = 30,000 $ ( approx )
 =22 Lakh INR ( approx ) 

AND and rest also the revenue comes from the coaching classes and the classes conducted on the app of Khan sir official. 

khan sir patna education qualification

Khan sir patna is Post graduate. Khan sir education qualification is B.Sc,Msc from Allahabad University. After his degree completition,he started teaching. I hope now the Querry of Khan sir education qualification is solve.

khan sir patna website | khan sir patna official website

You can visit Khan sir Patna here . Also Khan sir Patna have youtube channel whose link is given here . Khan sir Youtube Channel LINK . You can click and visit . Khan sir patna official app details also mentioned below ,so you can check all details .

Khan sir app | Khan sir patna classes APP

Recently Khan sir updated about his new app for classes. Khan sir  YouTube Channel was already there but now for classes in detail goes on the KHAN SIR  official app on Google Play Store. Now students can see live classes and all the study material notes on this app. Khan sir APP details and link is also given here so you can access KHAN SIR APP easily for your studies. Check Khan sir APP link here.


Khan sir contact number | Khan sir mobile number

To contact khan sir for any query,classes or Study material , Here is Contact number of Khan sir and also KHAN SIR MOBILE Number . SO you can ask query and doubts . This is officialy shared by Khan sir Youtube channel also. Khan sir contact number is +91 8877918018 . Also Khan sir Mobile number is +91 8757354880 .

Khan sir class notes pdf | khan sir classes

YOU can get Khan sir class notes pdf and khan sir study materials officialy from KHAN SIR GS RESEARCH CENTRE Youtube channel or KHAN SIR OFFICIAL ANDROID App . ALso if you want help or details how to find KHAN SIR class notes pdf , you can follow Competition Duniya with AMAN youtube channel or NtaExamresults website. I hope This information will help to solve your doubts related to khan sir patna notes and khan sir patna classes details.

This article was about Khan sir patna . Several queries related to Khan sir is answered in this article. I hope You liked this article. Hope to see you back soon. Do share thsi article with friends and others .


Who is Khan Sir? Why has he been trending on social media ?

Khan sir is famous Teacher from Patna. khan sir is owner of khan gs research centre youtube channel with 10 million subscribers. Khan sir is trending on social media due to khan sir real name controversy. What is real name of khan sir is main matter of trending. Is he Amit SINGH or Faizal khan ? This is issue and is trending search regarding khan sir patna on social media and internet in present days.

How do I contact Khan sir?

You can contact khan sir on given contact numbers i.e +91 8877918018 and +91 8757354880 . Also you can contact khan sir through his Youtube channel and Android App Help column.

Khan sir wife name | Khan sir patna wife name

According to latest information and news , Khan sir is still unmarried. So there is no Wife of khan sir . As soon as khan sir is married, his wife name will be revealed on this blog. Stay tuned for update on Wife name of Khan sir patna.

Khan sir real name is AMIT singh

No, its not true. Its just rumours going on in social media due to old clip of Raksha bandhan where he can be seen wearing RAKHI. so people started saying this and also once in comedy , he said that he is MAIT SINGH in class. He always says that name is not important, work is important.

Khan sir real name fact check

Khan sir himself revealed that his title is KHAN. his name is not amit singh. He said always i have said this . I ahve written 25+ books under kiran prakashan and always wrote my name KHAN SIR . i have written books in urdu also. So stop spreading rumours on my name and in coming days i will reveal all secrets and end controversy.

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