Dearmoon crew members #dearmoon

dearmoon crew members have finally been selected. #dearmoon project has completed step of registration and selection. Now dear moon started Initial Screening (STEP 2) by filling out the questionnaire is closed. After this Question answer round for selection of candidates for dear moon crew , next round will be started .dear moon step 2 questions answer details are here Step by Step. Let’s dive in the dearmoon crew members details

dearmoon crew members

Mr Dev joshi from india and Mr Maezawa, DJ and music producer Steve Aoki, ‘Everday Astronaut’ Youtuber Tim Dodd, Artist Yemi A.D., Photographers Karim Iliya and Rhiannon Adam, filmmaker Brendan Hall and Korean rapper TOP have been selected as dearmoon crew members

Basic Steps for Dear moon Application form 2021

All candidates applied in step 1 started recieveing email for Step 2 Screening and Registration . All the participants will get message in format shown below :

Thank you for pre-registering as a dearMoon Crew candidate.
Please proceed to the Initial Screening (STEP 2) by filling out the questionnaire accessible from below-

< Submission deadline: March 21, 2021 23:59 JST >

*Please note that if you submit multiple applications from the same URL, the latest version will overwrite any previously submitted applications and only the latest version will be saved in our system.

You will receive a confirmation email once the submission is completed.
We are looking forward to your application.

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Thank you. Team dearMoon

Dear Moon Registration process | DEARMOON Step 2 resistration

This Dear moon registration is confirmed by none other than . You can see his tweet also in which he informed same. i am mentioning tweet below .

Dear Moon Application Process | How to apply Dear Moon

Lets see Step by step Process to fill dear Moon registration form with image illustrations. In this you will understand how you need to apply dearmoon project and fill step 2 screening question answer form. Lets start filling dearmoon form live with me.

STEP 1 for dear moon application process | dearmoon apply

Form is divided in two sections – Setion 1 and Section 2 . In section 1 you need to answer about basic information like name , Date of birth,Email , Photographs etc. So you can say Section 1 refers Basic profile updation . You can see below details in Infographic form of dearmoon application .

dear moon application process step by step

STEP 2 for dear moo8n application process | dearmoon apply

UPLOAD 2-3 types of Photos and update your Occupation details. Also update your Social media links and Followers you have for Application process


STEP 3 for dear moon application process | dearmoon apply

Next step after you fill Section 1 of this form, you are redirected for Section 2 where Criteria for being a passenger on dearmoon project is displayed. you are asked to write Answers of certain questions sent. These questions will be judging your Skills and Thought process so Team can shortlist people based on this for Stage 3 i.e INTERVIEW round .


QUESTIONS asked in DEAR MOON application form

Q1) By taking part in dearMoon how will your project/activity evolve and how will you be able to contribute to society?

Q2) Tell us about a project/activity you feel passionate about.


Answer to the Dear Moon Crew Selection QUESTIONS | Dear Moon Latest News

Q1) Tell us about a project/activity you feel passionate about.

ANSWER : One area that I’m passionate about is exploring new and interesting things ,self-development, and self-improvement in my personal life. I’m always looking to challenge myself and learn new things. That’s one reason I enjoy working as Educator and as Social media Video creator on my channel COMPETITION DUNIYA WITH AMAN and influencer;

I’ve learned great communication skills, listening skills, and problem-solving skills that help me in my day-to-day work but also in my personal life in terms of confidence, communication, etc. I will like to explore many such things if got oppurtinuity to excell and add some value from my learnings to society . Always ready to Learn and Unlearn in life to make mistakes correct and follow best path”

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Q2) By taking part in dearMoon how will your project/activity evolve and how will you be able to contribute to society?

ANSWER : From this project dearMoon,whatever i will learn,will surely adopt and share my learnings. I can this much that whatever training , or knowledge or teachings will be given, as a obedient student or member i will follow everything and from my side i can assure that i will always be a good listner and will give my 100% and best what i can give to this project so i can Learn from this experience and journey of dear moon. It will be like dream come true.

Regardless of where you live in the world, you’re a part of a society. As members of a society, we all have a responsibility to help others and improve the state of the community and world that we live in.

FInal Step : Submission of Dear Moon application form

You can now submit form after reviewing it once . Also you get chance to read Terms and conditions related to application form and project dear moon . And you get message on Email as well as a Thankyou message as shown below and it says : WE HAVE RECIEVED YOUR APPLICATION .


Conclusion : You all recieved Emails regarding Dear Moon Crew Application process and dearmoon Initial Screening (STEP 2) questionnaire . Just Give your best and its once in a lifetime oppurtinuity .So prepare well and read this poost on Dear Moon application process carefully as STEP by STEP process to apply is being shared with you . I hope you liked this Blog and will come back for more interesting updates .

THANK YOU for giving your valuable time and visiting our blog ! Update in October that Final ROund Interviews will start soon. So we will update you all.


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  1. Yes.. I too pre registered… and I got an email today saying that I have less than 24 hours to fill in the application BUT i never received the email that had the invitaiton TO the Application???? can you share that link with those of us who missed that one vital email Please? Thannnnk You.

    • There is no personalised link,if it would be there, i would love to share.. KINDLY GO TO EMAIL on DESKTOP/LAPTOP , go to SOCIAL MEDIA colum to find email or promotions section or Spam.. 100% u will find that .. 4-5 days back u might have got..verify once.. 100% i believe it would be there.. u have to register via that… so u can fllow this please. THANKS

  2. I’m not really sure whether you receive my email or not, I tried to send but unable. It was resend to me through my email and I resend just directly through email. The problem is I don’t know whether you received or not. Any feed backs or what is the next step?.

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