ios 15 Beta Download [ How to Download ios 15 beta ]

Apple is again rocking with the new launch. Yes, ios 15 beta is there for you. In this article, you will know about ios 15 beta download details and the step-by-step process of How to download ios 15 beta. People are searching on google regarding apple ios 15 download. There are amazing features in the new ios 15 beta version which enhances the user experience and you can enjoy a mobile experience. So let’s dive into this article and understand how to get ios 15 beta. If you have any queries after reading this article, feel free to comment below.

How to Download ios 15 beta | ios 15 beta download

Here is a step-by-step process to Download ios 15 beta and use that. So let’s see the steps by which you can install or ios 15 beta download now.

#STEP 1:Download ios 15 beta configuration profile from Apple Download Page
#STEP 2:CONNECT your charging cable and connect to the wifi server
#STEP 3:Go to “Settings” and then to the “General” option
#STEP 4:Finally, click on the “Software update” button
#STEP 5:Click on the “Install” and “Download” option
#STEP 6:Click “Update now” and the update starts.

ALSO, ios 15 beta download can be done using the installation of Restore image. Download ios 15 beta restore image from Apple Download Page and follow same steps above.

[Other Method] How to install ios 15 beta | how to download ios 15 beta

if we go into the app store and we go to an app where we’re using a beta version or a test flight version .now test flight is an app that you can install and then you can install beta versions of different apps if you’re trying them out and if you have that version installed the app store.

I will now tell you that you have a version installed that’s a beta and not the public version .so it says view in test flight and then you can see it there so it’s a nice little update to the app store .also they’ve changed the weather icon, so if we go over to the next page this is fairly slight but you can see beta 4 on the left, beta 5 on the right. it’s a little bit darker here’s, the weather icon here and you can see the weather icon on the right phone on beta 5.

There so it’s a little bit darker maybe a little bit more depth as well a slight change but just something to note now

ios 15 Beta Profile Download

IOS 15 beta is now available to download. ios 15 beta download released came in at 1.05 GB, that’s on my iPhone 12 pro max .it was about a 1 GB or so on the iPhone 11 and 6s plus that I have it installed on. Also along with that apple released iPad os 15 beta 5 that i have on my 12.9-inch iPad pro from 2021 and they also released the tv os 15 beta 5, but they did not yet release the watch os 8 beta 5 or mac os Monterey beta 5. For some reason, those versions are not yet available.

so now let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s new in ios 15. so we’ll go to settings, then we’ll go down to general, then you can see the build number is 19a 5318f and this particular build does include some nice changes and feature updates.

ios 15 Beta Features/specifications

But the first thing they’ve updated has to do with the modem there’s a modem update at least on the 12 pro max,so hopefully, if you were having connectivity issues. I know i was if the private relay was turned on so i turned that feature off but still occasionally i would have some issues when switching from wi-fi to 5g or 4g, so hopefully, this resolves that.

Now as far as new features and changes well there are quite a few little changes throughout the first thing is after the install and it reboots, it actually made me sign in it & gave me the hello screen and on some of these phones, it made me set up different things. so i had to agree to terms and services on some on others. i didn’t on the iPad, I had to set up face id again .

so there’s something odd when it installs but that seems to be normal for a lot of people but when you go to turn off the phone there’s a new message- now the message was there before but they changed the way it works.

so if we press volume up volume down press and hold the power sleep-wake button it now says iPhone findable after power off. we had that before and then you can click on it or tap on it and it says iPhone remains findable after power off you could turn that off,but it’ll let you know that that’s a possibility. so if you lose your phone or someone takes it , it will now find it.

now we saw this before but the message was a little bit different so when you were on the previous didn’t show that to you until you powered off the phone and it would show it at the bottom now it shows it right at the top with that little message. now something else they’ve updated.

There’s a new feature when it comes to the background sounds, so if you go into your settings and then we go to accessibility, then we go down to audiovisual and then we go to background sounds. under background sounds,we now have the option to stop sounds when locked. this was not an option before. so it says when enabled background sounds. It will stop when the iPhone is locked. this feature is available on beta 5 only .it’s not there with beta 4.

Here are some articles that might be useful to you!

Now if we go back to the main screen or the home screen and go into the control center they’ve updated the icon for notifications with siri .so you’ll see it here on beta 5 in my right hand,beta 4 in my left hand. it’s this icon here under my thumb and here on the right so there’s a new icon and there’s also a new animation. if you have AirPods or AirPods pro connected .so let me connect them so i can show you and now that they’re connected.

If I tap on the icon you’ll see ,there’s a little animation .when you tap on it now,so it’s just a little update .it’s made it consistent with what we have on the apple watch as well for the same icon.if you slide up from the bottom, you’ll have that same icon down here as well.

So you can see it there so it’s just a little bit of a consistency update across ios now in ios 15 beta 5 , there’s a new option for AirPods .so if we go into our settings and then we go down to accessibility, under accessibility we go down to AirPods & then we select the AirPods.we want to scroll to the bottom and if you have AirPods pro that has spatial audio head tracking .there’s now an option for off video content or audio and video content.

so it works great with video content but what it tries to do is always make it sound like the audio is coming from your device. if you want that to only happen during the video you can use video if you want audio and video that’s what the default is if you want that you can now select it which is really nice also something that’s very subtle,that they updated is the camera icon. so in the previous version they updated the camera icon slightly .you can see it’s missing the shutter button on the left-hand top side of the camera and they’ve updated that on beta 5 to match the camera on the lock screen

So, there are several similar changes in the iOS beta 15 version. We discussed several features also and due to these amazing features people are searching and wanting to download iOS beta 15. You have read the complete article about how you can get IOS 15 beta version download easily.

I think now no one is going to ask the question- how to download iOS beta 15 as all the queries regarding iOS beta 15 download is discussed in this amazing article including ios 15 beta new features step-by-step process to download iOS beta 15 and detailed explanation regarding installation.

Thanks for reading this article and giving your precious time to our blog see you again on any new topic and with a new article that will help you to solve your query. Thanks once again

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