Why Vijay Rupani resigns as Gujarat CM, Vijay Rupani Resignation

Gujarat latest news coming regarding Vijay rupani resignation. Why vijay rupani resigns as gujarat CM is big question now. Gujarat chief minister vijay rupani resignation letter is matter of concern as later year elections are there. So lets read the new latest news regarding Vijay rupani resigns and understand Reasons of Gujarati CM Vijay rupani resignation.

In some big political developments we’re understanding gujarat chief minister vijay rupani has now resigned .we’ll try and get more details of what really has happened but that’s the update that we’re getting in .what we’re understanding is vijay rupani the gujarat chief minister has in fact resigned. what’s the latest news and well that is the information that is coming in essentially over here, that you know mr vijay rupani the minister has just said that his resignation.

It comes in at a very very interesting time given the fact that he was president of the virtual program participated in just uh this morning as well we’re still trying to get the details but it’s not coming. vijay rupani after he attended in his resignation he said it’s for the larger interest of gujarat and he will continue to work for the state under the leadership of prime minister modi jee.

Vijay Rupani Resignation Letter | Vijay Rupani Resigns

As he didn’t get into too many details as to what the reasons were he said a different part of you know each karyakarta works with the party they have to serve in different roles and this is needed for the larger interest of the state. i guess you know if one is follow the career path of vijay rupani, then you will understand that he was the member of parliament as well.

but just you know in just somewhere around 2017 what happened. something you know when anandi ben patel ,you know divided the chair of the chief minister .in fact rubiji rupani was made the chief minister then and then, of course, he was also made the chief minister in the last election as well but you know given the fact that there has been a constant. uh you know sort of feeling within the gujarat’s establishment that you know vijay rupani is best for you to be an organization man.

and it was not a question of this how but also when that could really happen so these are these stocks have been doing their own for quite some time but now you know with a year or something to go because remember gujarat goes into elections next year and you know yeah. so that is when you’ll expect that you know you will probably see vijay rupani you know playing a larger role on the lines of you know what the parties decided to now do as far as you.

Why vijay rupani left cm post

But of course he’s playing a larger role in the organization that is exactly what is expected to be on the lines as far as vijaya rupani role is concerned .he’s been someone who’s been with the comes in from the sun background as well has been you know the party’s & worker as he said over here .but no you know i’m not really surprised .

Who will be Gujarat New Chief Minister

you know with the with the resignation of vijaya rupani because it was just eventually coming and today probably happens to just be the date. so now the next question is who’s going to be the next chief minister of gujarat .any names that are already coming up there are quite a few names that could be doing the rounds but you know initially it was being petted that you know probably .

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you know month the likes of months or you know even pressure from rupal could be made but these two have just been promoted in the union cabinet as cabinet ministers as well with just the name expected to go you know for the elections as well uh there is of course a meeting which is taking place right now with otheer generals with the bjp general secretary currently holding a meeting.

you know as far as this is concerned this is of course also going to be a call that the parliamentary board is going to take that away and if the bjp really functions as well but what i’m doing to understand that possibly given the fact that you have the election just a year or something to go .

you may have the deputy CM which is of course listen but he’ll continue. you know in the chair of the chief minister that’s it’s very difficult to guess what the bjp really is going to be doing but with a year or something to go for the elections to really happen ,it is very possible that the deputy chief minister may be elevated to the chief minister’s position .

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