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The latest news coming that There are massive reports claiming that Mobikwik data leak or breach occurred. Millions of people Data Exposed on Internet. People are now worried and want to know that how can they find – Mobikwik Data Leak check or Mobikwik Data leak link. So that they can input their mobile number or Email address to find and see whether their data is also leaked or not?

From past few years it has been seen that data Lake have become very  big major issue for Tech giants and companies.  We have seen several data breaches and  that data leaks which has exposed database of millions of users of that app or platform.  Basically in data breach what mainly happens is  customers name, email address ,mobile number, debit card ,credit card etc. details as well as their KYC details. 

Everything is available publicly  and exposed by the Data breachers or hacke*s

HERE  is the recent  case of MOBIKWIK DATA BREACH and MOBIKWIK DATA LEAK LINK . Mobikwik is a major indian company whose 3 million+ customers DATA is leaked and which is said to be of size more than 8 TB . And now this DATA is available for Sale , but company still denies that there is any data leak.

tmThe leak was first reported in February by security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, which the company had denied at the time . Lets see his 1 month old tweet about this data leak of mobikwik and proff of LINK of MOBIKWIK DATA LEAK .

How to find MOBIKWIK DATA LEAK or Not | Check my Leaked mobikwik data

I have also shared a video below which tells you Step by step process to Check your data leak. You can follow this video to find out the MOBIKWIK DATA LEAK check process. I hope this also helps you to check

I hope Company will have a look at this and Assure uers about whole issue. Being in denial mode wontt help and hide fact of MOBIKWIK DATA LEAK LINK and MOBIKWIK data breach. People will keep searching Mobikwik data leak search and will try to secure themselves if their data is leaked.

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