How to vote for BIGG BOSS OTT, BIGG BOSS VOTING Process

Bigg Boss OTT finale is today and we are going to get our BIGG BOSS OTT WINNER today. But for that, we need to know the process of Finale voting. How to vote for Big boss ott is a must. So, the Bigg Boss OTT voting process is explained in this article in step by step method. Read this to understand the steps to vote for big boss today and vote your favourite player in Bigg boss ott finale.

Bigg Boss OTT was one of the new concepts this year. Bigg Boss finale is today. All the fans are excited regarding their favourite contestants to win. You all will watch Bigg Boss OTT 2021 on the Voot app. But the main question people are asking that how they can vote for their favourite contestant in Bigg Boss OTT. How to vote for Bigg boss ott contestants in Finale is the main query people are searching about.


As we all know that after a long time we have got 5 finalists in Karan Johar hosted series Bigg Boss OTT. Divya Agarwal, Pratik, Nishant, Rakesh and Shamita Shetty are the five finalists amongst whom anyone will take the trophy after the votes.

In this article, we will tell you in detail that how to vote for Bigg Boss 2 OTT and what is the voting process is for the Bigg Boss OTT finale which is starting from 7 pm today i.e. 18th September 2021.

How to vote for BIG BOSS OTT Finale

Kindly read all steps of Big Boss OTT voting first then apply so that you don’t face any issue in between.

  1. You have to select your favourite contestant
  2. Remember their name properly before voting
  3. Click the link given here for the voting app
  4. New page opens, scroll down, you find a blue button
  5. Click on the button “Bigg Boss OTT Voting app
  6. Install the app and register with your Email ID
  7. After that click on the image of FINALE BIG BOSS
  8. Then click on vote now
  9. All the final list photo occurs in square Box
  10. Click on your favourite contestant photo to vote
  11. Then click submit to vote for bigg boss ott finale
  12. Yeah you are done. Reported your favourite contestant.

According to media reports, Divya Agarwaal is leading the race and Then Shamita Shetty, Nishant, Rakesh and then Pratik is there. But until final results come its tough competition and voting is going on. If you have not voted for Bigg boss ott, read the above process to vote now.

See, Voting Trends keeps on varying so vote as much as possible. Share this article with all friends so they can also install the app and vote for Big boss ott winner selection.

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Conclusion: Kindly read the article very carefully as if you miss any step you won’t be able to vote for Big boss ott favourite finale contestants. so read and understand steps on how to vote in finale big boss ott. I hope this article helped you to solve your query.

Thanks and see you again on our Blog!

who is BIG BOSS OTT winner

Divya Agarwal is expected to win the Bigg Boss Ott finale.

where to watch Bigg boss ott finale

Big boss ott finale can be watched on the Voot app from 7 pm on 18th September 2021

Bigg Boss Finale voting poll

Yes, you can read articles on the website regarding Bigg boss ott voting process and understand how to vote for Bigg boss ott today

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