Flipkart Tambola Game, Answers, Tricks | How to play Flipkart Tambola game

Flipkart is Once Again back with an amazing game. Flipkart Tambola game is the latest trending game on Flipkart in which people get a chance to double their super coin. Yes, you heard correctly. Flipkart Tambola game tricks and Flipkart Tambola game answers will help you to win an iPhone daily. Not only this, all the players who get rank below 6250 daily will get their super coins doubled. So let’s understand more about this Flipkart Tambola game.

What is Flipkart Tambola game

Flipkart Tambola game is recently launched on the Flipkart app exclusively in which people can use their super coin which they got while shopping on the Flipkart app. You need 10 super coins to buy a single Tambola game ticket from which you can play one game. There is no limit to playing or buying tickets.

The highest scorer wins the Mega price of the iPhone brand new. And this also daily winner is declared. It is something like Bingo which we earlier used to lessen. You can say that Flipkart has launched Bingo come Flipkart Tambola game answer and tricks of Flipkart Tambola game will also be shared with you in this article.


So let me introduce you all to this latest Tambola game on Flipkart and how to Play Tambola Game. I will explain you in very simple words.

There will be a timer of 5 minutes. And you will see Random numbers from 1 to 80 flashing on your screen as well as it will be announced also. Every number will be there for 5 seconds. And in between these five-second, you have to select that number on your dashboard if it matches with the number announced for class on screen.

As soon as that number matches, you get 10 points. If you clicked on the number in leisure time before taking complete 5 seconds, that remaining time will be also added as a point in your scorecard. For example, you took 2 seconds to click on the given number that you found on your dashboard also. So you saved 3 seconds and this will be added as three-point in your overall score.


Also if you completely cut the First row second and third-row you will get 50 points for every Row completition. So just a very quick response and Your eyes and hand coordination can help you to win this. everyday rank 1 folder gets brand new iPhone as a price in Flipkart Tambola game. And rest people below 6250 ranks ineligible for their super coins double offer.

Flipkart Tambola game trick

By the way, this game is completely based on two-three factors like your speed Eid, eye-hand coordination, and your luck that how many numbers match from the number announced and what you get on your dashboard. Apart from this you can follow 23 tips and tricks also to increase your chances of winning.

Try to play the Flipkart Tambola game between 12:00 a.m. to Morning 9:00 a.m. Because the maximum time it has been seen that people in four highest between this time.

Try not to buy many Flipkart Tambola game tickets at a single time. You need to spend 20 super coins to buy a single Tambola Flipkart game ticket. People become a little greedy and 100 to 120 super coin ticket in a single go.

Watch the box in which you get the numbers properly, you will find that each column has numbers of the equivalent series like ok in one column you get numbers from 1 to 10, after that 10 to 20, after that fall on 20 to 30 and similarly it stands up to 80. So if you follow this step you will easily recognize the number displayed that belongs to which category and you can click fastly.

Flipkart Tambola game PRIZES for winners

Basically, Out of all participants on Daily Basis, All India RANK 1 in Flipkart Tambola Game wins prizes in form of APPLE brand new iPhone mobiles. And rest Rank 2 to Rank 6250 Gets their Flipkart Supercoins Double. If their 20 Supercoins were there and they win prizes in the Tambola game Flipkart, their 20 super coins will become 40 supercoins.


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So above I am mention all the details regarding the Flipkart tambola game in which you can win an iPhone as well as you can double your super coin also. Flipkart game answers details have been given about as well as Flipkart TamBola game tricks tips also shared with you all.

Many people were worried and were asking that how to play the Flipkart Tambola game. So I guess after reading this article your this query is also solved. If you still have any issues or questions queries regarding Flipkart Tambola game tricks answers, feel free to comment below on this post. I will happy to guide you and share a detailed post on your query.

Thank you Flipkart Game Lovers for reading this post!

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Flipkart Tambola Game latest update: CoinDCX is now partner with Flipkart and is also sponsoring Flipkart tambola Game tricks and Flipkart tambola game answers in which they are offering prizes like Iphnes, Double super coin and also Bitcoin to Top 3. Prizes in Flipkart tambola keep changing from time to time.

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  1. Hi, I have a doubt about doubling supercoins. Say for example I have 2000 supercoins and I bought 200 supercoin worth ticket that’s I bought single ticket each time and total 10 tickets. So If I get ranking under 6250 then which one will be doubled?

    • Basically, they Double your SUpercoins only when you are in top 6250 people. See example you buyed 5 tickets of 20 supercoins each. But 2 tickets points after playing remains in top 6250 RANK then their supercoins only will be doubled means 40 supercoins will become 80 supercoins. REST 3 tickets whose rank is out of 6250 will not get doubled and thats loss.. so net profit is 40+40-20-20-20 = +20 ..only 20 supercoin u earn after investing 100 supercoins..like this.. I HOPE This explanation of Flipkart tambola game is clear .. Share this post if you like our reply and way of explanantion. THANKS


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