The Wall Game Show Australia, The wall Tv Show Australia

The wall game show Australia is trending from sometime in the category of the wall TV show. Let me tell you that this is one of the most amazing game shows started in America named the Wall game show and later in 2017 its debuted in Australia also on channel 7plus. It was hosted by Axle whitehead (The wall Game show Host) and the show was a hit game show. Many are searching for The wall quiz show too.

Now once again people are demanding and have been searching regarding this Australia the wall TV game show. This game so is Referred by several names like is the wall quiz show, so the wall TV show, or the wall game show in Australia. Let me tell you all the brief details regarding this Wall Tv show.

The Wall Game Show Australia

Teams of two play the ultimate game of risk and reward with millions of dollars up for grabs. All they need is one lucky bounce to beat THE WALL and their lives could change in an instant. It brings lots of excitement among the contestant and this was one of the main hooks of getting this show on top of it times.


Axle Whitehead, a renowned Australian singer hosted this show and again people demand is that he should only host once again. The game show had a moto – The Wall exists for one purpose and one purpose only – to give good people the opportunity to transform their lives. This Wall Tv show was based on THE WALL SHOW in the American version.

The wall Tv Show [Updates]

A team of 2 contestants plays each game, with a potential top prize of $12,00,000+. can you imagine? WOW is the word i have. There were Rounds according to which games proceed.

Round 1: Free Fall
In Free Fall, the team is asked a series of five questions, each with two answer choices. The participants or team can bank the maximum amount in this round is $375,000 only.

Round 2
At the start of the second round, the contestants are separated from each other for the remainder of the game and then the game goes on with other stuff.

Round 3
The gameplay proceeds as in Round 2, but each of the three questions now has four answer choices. The maximum amount that a team can get in this 3rd round is $9,999,996. Can you imagine …OMG !

The Wall Game show Winners

Here is a list of Participants and winners previously on Show with winning Amount details also.

  • Chrissy and Dez – $700,335
  • Jess and Lee – $249,999
  • Jane and Alan – $0
  • Kent and Suz – $935,385
  • Bron and Michelle – $880,373
  • Rosanna and Laurie – $0

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The wall Game show Application | Participate in The wall game show

Whenever the Game will be coming back live , they gona conduct Auditions of contestants. To apply, You need to first fill out the application form that will be provided that time ADDITION TO FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION, They also ask YOU to SEND A VIDEO OF YOU AND YOUR PARTNER AS WELL for the introduction.

Please upload your video to the given link and Here you are done. Rest selected will be called out for further screening Tests and processes by Team.

As soon as Any New Updates Come, We will inform you of all steps regarding the same. Make sure to BOOKMARK this Webpage link so that you don’t miss any opportunity of participating in The Wall Game show exclusively.

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