Kya Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Hoga | Pubg Mobile India ban again news

It’s few days only when Battlegrounds mobile India was launched and again new News coming regarding battlegrounds mobile India data sent to china. Yes, Kya battlegrounds mobile India Ban Hoga is the question coming into everyone’s mind. Pubg mobile India ban again and kya pubg mobile India firse ban Hoga is trending searches on google. Let’s understand full details regarding Battlegrounds mobile India Ban Again news.

Kya Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Hoga ?

This matter starts after report by IGN on Battlegrounds Mobile India Android Data Sent to China Server . Its shocking news coming after few days of early release of BGMI game i.e. Battlegrounds mobile india . Now the question comes that if we are playing battlegrounds mobile India and our data is sent to China then its type of data Leak for Indian people and a very important concern for Indian peoples. Battlegrounds Mobile India mod apk download is also very trending news .

. IGN has claimed that they are able to produce such results by proper installation and also by installing the data packet on their Android phones and after that the blade Babji aur battlegrounds mobile India game. After this they found that there were several data packets which were thinking and sending data as to the foreign IP address in servers.

Will PUBG aka Battleground Mobile India be banned

In different IP addresses which were found when later checked with the Whois data, it was found that these data were sent to China and from China mobile communication servers in Beijing. This was not only the case, also battlegrounds mobile India pings to a Tencent server in Beijing when the game loads. Also you can participate in latest BGMI tournament event Skyesports Championship 5.0 – Date, Tickets, Teams


So Will new PUBG aka Battleground Mobile India be banned is valid query and after reading complete article,you will come to know answer too. Recently PUBG News state Download was also a matter of notice when people searching links for downloading game.

Will Pubg Mobile India Ban Again | BGMI Ban Again News

While Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India terms condition said that personal information of players would be stored in India.As we all know that a pubg was banned in India, and the main concern was the data as it was sent to the China servers. Again similar thing as happened and now it again looking like that pubg mobile India aur battlegrounds mobile India can be ban in India after this IGN report, prominent BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi raise the concern over this.

Also, she wrote to the IT ministry and Telecom Department of India take note of this and investigate the issue. Earlier also many politicians and other IT departments and people have raised the concern over PG Mobile India connections with China and data leak. However, till now Tencent has not commented anything on this but it seems that again battlegrounds mobile India aur pubg mobile India is in big trouble of ban.

Krafton Reply on Battlegrounds Mobile India Data leak

[Statement on the recent concern on data transfer of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA] . KRAFTON, Inc., the creator of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA and the owner of the blockbuster IP – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is working to fully comply with the Indian laws and regulations as we lead up to the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

KRAFTON is implementing the industry’s toughest standards for data security and is working to overcome any shortcomings throughout the Early Access testing period, for the official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.In the meantime, KRAFTON is fully aware of the recent concerns over data handling in regards to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access test.

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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Leak

    With the hopes of convening with our fans in India soon in an official launch, KRAFTON has been tirelessly working on the Early Access test of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA to offer a distinct battle royale experience in a safe and secure environment. And with privacy, player data safety and protection being our top priority, KRAFTON is taking the concerns raised very seriously and has taken immediate, concrete actions to address this issue.

    Similar to other global mobile games and apps, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA also uses third party solutions to provide unique game features. In the process of using these solutions, some game data was shared to third parties. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA’s privacy policy ( fully discloses that the app may transfer some user data, with users’ consent to the privacy policy and choosing to migrate their accounts. No data has been shared in violation of the privacy policy.

    Thus, data shared to third parties are ONLY to enable certain game features. In the meantime, KRAFTON will continue to closely monitor and protect any data being transferred to unexpected and restricted IP addresses prior to the official launch.

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    Is BGMI sending data to chinese server ?

    YES, In latest Leaked report its found that BGMI [ Battlegrounds mobile india ] sending data to chinese server. When Game was booting,it showed that Ping is generated to Tencent which is located in China and chinese servers. Also it was found that data’s are stored on Chinese server of China mobile communication centres . So seeing all proff , it seems that Indian Data are stored on China servers of game Pubg mobile india also called Battlegrounds mobile india [BGMI]

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Banned again [Latest News]

    Latest Trending news of today is this only. Many people have many opinions .Some people thinks it won’t harm and some people think that it is in harm and issue for the integrity of the countries of different people have different opinions on this particular fact of Battleground mobile India data leak and Gamers are also feared that battlegrounds mobile India Ban again.

    Kya PUBG firse ban Hoga | Pubg aka Battlegrounds Mobile BAN

    This is a matter of discussion over YouTube also where people are discussing that wheteher battlegrounds mobile Indiaweather pG Mobile India should be then again or not. Let us see some point of view of other peoples and what they think on this. Also few months back i wrote article on this titled” Pubg Mobile India Kab band hoga

    Santosh Kumar says : Is BGMI aka PUBG is the only game which is harmful for young generation, there are also sach game like COD, Free fire And how is harmful, just tell. If anyone have some personal issues, then solve it urself, don’t make is national topic. Means give any statment without logic.

    People Views on Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban News

    Saurya D. says : The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) wrote to IT Minister @rsprasad demanding a ban on BattlegroundsMobileIndia (BGMI). It also urged Google not to allow the application on Play Store.

    People Views on Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban News

    CONCLUSION: So after all these facts and datas, Battlegrounds mobile india ban again is possible and also PUBG mobile india aka battlegrounds mobile india data sent to China is matter of concern and seeing all this,there mightbe notification from MInistry of Information Technology regarding this and Krafton can be asked of showing proff’s and Data storage related terms condition of BGMI aka PUBG INDIA game.Let’s Wait and see updates

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