How to Play Free Fire after Ban

Are you a Garena Free Fire game lover? How to play free fire after Ban is the most trending and asked question. We all know that Free fire is a game that replaced PUBG after it was banned. Free fire is played all around the world, but a sudden ban in India has raised Garena free fire game lovers’ concern. Free fire ban hone ke baad Kaise khele is a similar query that is also searched in bulk on google. In this article, we are going to tell you about 3 Different Ways to Play Free Fire after ban in India. To read the complete article and then can solve your queries of How to download free fire after ban and also how to play free fire after ban.

How to play Free Fire After Ban : Method 1

Let’s know the first method by which you can play free fire game in your Android mobile after ban. Kindly try all the three methods as there are maximum chances that any one method will work for you. Tricks to play Garena free fire game after ban is really hot topic to discuss. Hope this method 1 will help you to know how to play free fire after ban. Using following step you can play it again.

If you are a Samsung user then still you can play a game as it has been seen that in Samsung mobile free fire game is allowed to play and it’s working. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Samsung mobile still many of the people are able to play in different telecom companies sim. So whatever sim card you are using tried to use other company sim card and connect to play. Be with us for all updates.

But still many of you will see that it’s not working so let me tell you the main way to fix this issue. Wi-Fi best solution for this. Now Wi-Fi can be used in two different ways. First is the way that you might have Wi-Fi connection, whether its jio fibre or BSNL fibre or Airtel fibre does not matter just the thing is that you need to have Wi-Fi internet connection by which you can connect in your mobile and play the free fire game using this Wi-Fi network.

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If you don’t have a Broadband Wi-Fi connection, then there is a second way for you. Second way of using the Wi-Fi having a other mobile in your home, opening hotspot and then connect internet using that Hotspot in Wi-Fi mode in your mobile and play free fire game. Many of you will get this issue fixed and you can play free fire game after Ban by this Method 1. But still if you are not able to just read out method 2 to play free fire game after ban in India.

How to play Free Fire After Ban : Method 2

Guys if 1st method did not work for you then here is method to to play free fire game after ban. You might have heard about VPN , yes virtual private network. What it does basically changes your IP address by which your geographical location changes and free fire is banned in India so if VPN will connect you to USA ,UK or another country server you can easily play free fire game on that server that’s why we generally used VPN.

You need to install VPN, connect internet on that and rest you can play the game. Generally free vpns don’t provide you that much facilities like dedicated IP or security. So you can take this VPN which is free for 30 days and after that you just need to pay 300-400 rupees for one year and you can use this VPN for one year check out link here. So second method to play free fire game after Ban in India is using VPN

How to play Free Fire After Ban : Method 3

And if both above methods did not work and did not allow you to play the free fire game on your Android mobile then here I have the third method for you. Yes, the third method by which you can play free fire game after ban. You might be not aware but a free fire alternative called Free Fire Max is available on the Play Store and you can directly download it also. So you will not make free fire as it’s completely the same and you can carry on playing as a Garena free fire game lover.

Above are 3 different methods to play Free fire game after ban in india. This article helps you to solve main queries regarding Free fire game i.e How to play free fire game after ban and free fire ban hone ke baad kaise khele. so read step by step detailed methods and thus you can still play after ban of chinese games app in india. If still you have any query, please coment below and let us know. We will help you out.

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