Covid vaccine centres in Kolkata | government covid vaccination centres in kolkata

As we keep on seeing news channels and everywhere that covid is again affecting Kolakat & other parts of India. Take covid vaccine awareness is also spread by Government of India and also have already started at Covid vaccination centres across all states,districts in kolkata and west bengal as well as in the country including. Let’s know that where is Covid vaccine centres in Kolkata, covid vaccine centre list in kolkata and Government Covid vaccination centres in kolkata, so you can visit and get the vaccination done.

covid vaccine centre list in kolkata | Covid vaccine centres in [ kolkata ]

Here is the complete list of Covid vaccine centres in Kolkata. Read the article in detail with every covid vaccine centres list in kolkata with name, address and pin code details also. So if you go through these Government covid vaccination centres in kolkata list, you will have no trouble while visiting your nearest covid vaccination centre in any part of Kolkata. Here are the detailed List of centres , have a look –

  • Abhinash Dutta Maternity Home,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700005.
  • All Asia Medical Institute,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700019.
  • AMRI Hospital Mukundapur,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700019.
  • Apollo Clinic Paid,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700006.
  • Apollo Clinic Beliaghata,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700010.
  • Apollo Clinic COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700007.
  • Apollo Clinic PA SHAH RD,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054.
  • Apollo Clinic Thakurpukur,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700063.
  • Apollo Gleneagles Kolkata,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054.
  • B R Singh Railway Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • Bagha Jatin SGH,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700092.
  • BC Roy Post Graduate Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700010.
  • BELLE VUE CLINIC,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • Centenary Hospital SMP Kolkata,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700053.
  • CMRI Hospital ,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700027.
  • CNMCH COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • CRSS Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700026.
  • DESUN HOSPITAL,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • DM HOSPITALS PVT. LTD.,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700063.
  • Eastern Diagnostics India Ltd.,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700027.
  • EKBALPUR NURSING HOME,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700023.
  • Fortis Hospital.,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • Garden Reach Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700024.
  • GD Hospital Diabetes Institute,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • Genesis Hospital Kolkata,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700107.
  • Gun And Shell Factory Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700002.
  • Health Point Nursing Home,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • HEILEN CROSS DIAGNOSTICS,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700029.
  • ID BG Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700010.
  • Institute Of Neurosciences,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • IPGMER SSKM Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700020.
  • IPGMER-SSKMH COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700020.
  • KASTURI MEDICAL CENTRE Pvt Ltd,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700104.
  • Kolkata MCH PPU 4,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700073.
  • Kolkata MCH PSM COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700073.
  • KOTHARI MEDICAL CENTRE,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700023.
  • KPC Medical College,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700032.
  • LadyDufferin Victoria Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700009.
  • LIFE LINE Diag-Nursing Home,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700016.
  • Marwari Relief Society,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700006.
  • MEDICA SuperSpecialityHospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • MEDINOVA DIAGNSOTIC SERVICES,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700029.
  • MERCY Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • Metro Railway Kolkata,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700033.
  • MR Bangur Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700033.
  • N G NURSING HOME,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700026.
  • Narayan Memorial Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700034.
  • NG MEDICARE And Calcutta HIC,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700029.
  • NIGHTINGALE DIAGNOSTIC,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700073.
  • North Suburban Hopsital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700002.
  • NRS MCH PSM,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • NRS PPU MCH COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • Park Medical Research Clinic Paid,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700016.
  • Peerless Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700025.
  • Pulse Diag Pvt Ltd-Behala,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700008.
  • Pulse Diagnostics Pvt Ltd,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700026.
  • R-FLEMMING HOSPITAL,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700043.
  • RB Diagnostic Topsia,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700043.
  • RG Kar MCH PPU COVAXIN,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700004.
  • RG KAR PPU,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700004.
  • RSV HOSPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700033.
  • S V S Marwari Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700009.
  • S.E.Railway Central Hospital,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700043.
  • Sambhu Nath Pandit,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700020.
  • School Of Tropical Medicine,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700014.
  • SURAKSHA DIAGNOSTIC- Behala,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700008.
  • Suraksha Diagonistic- Garia,Kolkata, West Bengal, 700084.


covid vaccine centre near me in kolkata | covid vaccination kolkata 

Conclusion of Take Covid vaccine after checking Covid vaccination centre near me in kolkata or covid vaccine centre list in kolkata from above data or COWIN GOV website of Government of India. Every citizen must be Covid Vaccinated so that slowly we all can together bring down increasing covid graph . Spread awareness regarding vaccination. 

The government has made several rules,regulations and guidelines. Just keep following Social distancing, wear mask and take vaccine from near centre of your State or Districts vaccine center in west bengal . We all pray,that Everyone remains fit and healthy. STAY SAFE! CHECK COVID VACCINE CENTRE Kolkata now.

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