Covid vaccine centres in Mumbai | Covid vaccine centre near me in Mumbai

Recently we all have seen certain spike and increase in patients number. With this situation,its must that you should be vaccinated . Take covid vaccine provided by Government of India and it has already started at Covid vaccination centres Mumbai and whole Maharastra state. Let’s know that where is Covid vaccine centres in Mumbai and Covid vaccine centre near me in Mumbai, so you can visit and get the vaccination done. We all will win over Covid.

Let’s find list of covid vaccination centres in Mumbai and know about Centres near you in Mumbai for covid vaccine.

list of covid vaccination centres in Mumbai | covid vaccine centre near me

Here is the complete list of Covid vaccine centres in Mumbai. Read the article in detail with every covid vaccine centres in Mumbai with name, address and pin code details also. So if you go through this, you will have no trouble while visiting your nearest covid vaccination centre in Mumbai. Here are the detailed List of centres, have a look at the list –

  • Covid Vaccine centres in Mumbai list and Covid vaccine centres near me in MUMBAI are –
  • ARMY Central MI Room For ARMY, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400005
  • Asian Heart Institute Centre , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400051
  • B. D. PETIT PARSEE HOSPITAL 1 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400034
  • Balajee Hospital (Malad East) , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400097.
  • Balajee Hospital Malad Mumbai , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400097.
  • BALAJI HEART HOSPITAL -Byculla ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400027.
  • Bhabha Hospital Bandra ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050.
  • BKC Jumbo COVID Facility 12, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400051.
  • BOMBAY HOSPITAL (CST) , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400020
  • BOMBAY HOSPITAL (CST) MUMBAI , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400020.
  • BREACH CANDY HOSPITAL 1 ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026.
  • BREACH CANDY HOSPITAL MUMBAI , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026.
  • CAMA HOSPITAL 3,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400001
  • CONWEST JAIN HOSPITAL , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004
  • Cooper Hospital 7, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400058
  • ESIS HOSPITAL WORLI,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400018.
  • FORTIS HOSPITAL-1- Mulund Paid,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400078
  • HCG ICS Cancer Hospital , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021.
  • Hindu Sabha Hospital ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400086.
  • HOLY SPIRIT HOSPITAL 1 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400093.
  • INLAKS HOSPITAL ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400074.
  • INLAKS HOSPITAL Chembur Mumbai , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400074.
  • Jaslok Hospital 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026.
  • Jaslok Hospital Mumbai , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026.
  • K. G. MITTAL HOS. Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400002.
  • Karuna Hospital Borivali , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400103.
  • Kasturba Hospital 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400011.
  • KEM Hospital 10, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012.
  • KMJ PHULE HOSPITAL VIKHROLI,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400083.
  • Kohinoor Hospital -1 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400070.
  • Kurla Bhabha Hospital-1, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400070.
  • Lifeline Hospital Malad , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400064.
  • Mallika Hospital Jogeshwari , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400102.
  • MASINA HOSPITAL 1 ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400027
  • N Wadia Hospital Parel , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012.
  • N Ward Ganesh Nagar , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400099
  • Nair Hospital 1,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400008.
  • NANAVATI HOSPITAL 1 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400056.
  • PRINCE ALI KHAN HOSPITAL 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400010.
  • Rajawadi Hospital 2 ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400077.
  • Rane Hospital Pvt.Ltd , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400089.
  • SARVODAYA HOSPITAL- Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400086
  • SEVEN HIILS 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400059.
  • SHANTINIKETAN HOSPITAL , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400086
  • Shatabdi Hospital 2-Govandi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400043.
  • SHUSHRUSHA HOSPITAL MUMBAI , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400083.
  • Sion Hospital 2,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400022.
  • SRV Hospital – Chembur , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400089
  • SRV Hospital – Chembur (MPMWC) , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400089.
  • St Elizabeths Hospital , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400006
  • SURANA SETHIA HOSPITAL CHEMBUR ,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400071.
  • URBAN HEALTH CENTER DHARAVI, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400019.
  • TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PAREL,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012.
  • URBAN HEALTH CENTER DHARAVI, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400019.
  • Wockhardt Hosp Mum-Central 2 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400011.
  • ZEN HOSPITAL MUMBAI CHEMBUR , Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400071.


So above as you saw , we discussed all centres name and Detailed list . Now its your turn to wake up and Hurry for vaccination . Have a look at all centres very minutely and try to choose nearest from your home for Taking covid vaccination in Mumbai

covid vaccination MUMBAI | Take Covid Vaccine


Main motive is to motivate you all to Take Covid vaccine after checking Covid vaccination centre near me in Mumbai or covid vaccine centre list in Mumbai from above data or COWIN GOV website of Government of India. Every citizen of Mumabi must be Covid Vaccinated so that slowly we all can together bring down increasing covid graph of Mumbai as well as Maharastra.

The government has passed on several rules & guidelines. Just keep following Social distancing, wear mask and take vaccine from near centre of your State or Districts vaccine centre. STAY SAFE! CHECK COVID VACCINE CENTRE now in Maharastra and Mumbai .

Thanks for reading my blog. SHARE and SPREAD AWARENESS… PLEASE SHARE as much as possible. We all can do this by helping others know about this and keep rumors away.  All the best.

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