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Everyone’s loved game review is back. Yes, i am talking about Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review or say cod vanguard review . Everyone is waiting eagerly to know about the Review of call of Duty vanguard. Not just people from Australia, the USA, UK want to know about the Call of duty vanguard review but its global demand for this game review. So our Blog is bringing a detailed COD Vanguard Game review. Let’s Dive in and read in detail.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

You guys are here today for Call of duty vanguard review or say cod vanguard multiplayer review. This is effectively my full version review of call of duty vanguard.I was lucky enough to be invited to an early preview of it. I got to play the entire game early multiplayer zombies and campaign and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much the game has improved since beta.

I will admit that I didn’t play the beta a whole. so when I played the beta I played 3 or 4 games and I wasn’t very impressed with .what was going on that time is that I was very frustrated with it .I decided that it wasn’t worth risking hurting my hands to continue to play this beta becoming into the full version.

I didn’t have my hopes very high but I was really happy with a lot of the changes the sledge hammer games made to call of duty ,fan Garth which we’re gonna talk about a lot in today’s mostly positive article regard call of duty vanguard multiplayer review. Why I think holiday vanguard’s improved so much since the beta or alpha and the number 1 reason is that the overall gameplay speed seems ranked up.

most of the quality vanguard that I played which was in the alpha was a very slow paced methodical champion hill kind of thing and it wasn’t very exciting it was a very energetic and then we played some to be twos and then I played a little bit in the beta on Red Star in hotel royale and a couple of these kind of maps .and while they were frantic and they were chaotic and they were definitely busier than the 2 modes .they still felt a little bit sluggish, it felt a little bit kind of like modern warfare 2021.

When the game first came out they won they just took the engine didn’t really change anything about the world were to scan on it however it seems a sledgehammer games has changed the movement speed very slightly ,some of the strafing speed 80 S. speed climbing mantling a little bit of time to kill ,tweaking maybe the slide distance just the. A bunch of very small parameters, they give you like a 5 or 10 percent boost on anything .that you’re doing in the game and it just makes the gameplay speed way way way faster.

There’s also some perks like light weight and stuff you can use the double time and bayonets and crazy things you put on your guns to move even faster if you want to but the point is the game now feels kind of like how modern warfare 2021 as close all of its patches. it feels like a game that if I want to play aggressively ,if I want to go hard if I want to push, pause and just kind of like ball out . I can do that I really appreciate the new gameplay speed ,I didn’t like the slower pace that we had before. I didn’t care for the mounting but all of the little changes they’ve done have made the game a lot more fun and a lot more playable .

Admittedly a lot more cartoony and less realistic but that works a lot better for video games perhaps more important than the gameplay speed is the changes and maps and visual fidelity has been enormous in my opinion so there have been significant color palette improvements and lighting improvements to just about every map on the game the enemies are no longer invisible at certain distances . a great number of the maps are no longer quite ,so darker & quite so smoky.

There’s a lot less so interestingly they added an option for you can turn off the depth of field for that range of motion, blur kind of thing that would obscure enemies which of course I immediately turn my off mine off on PC to have clear vision. I hope that they have this option available for consoles turned off my weapon motion blur and all that kind of stuff and pretty much immediately got much better visual fidelity. they even have the option to turn down your camera ,shake somewhat so that your screen is a bit more stable and of course.

I took advantage of that and these are all great options it’s it’s kind of becoming a pet peeve these days when I play new FPS game and all the deaths thing third clever by adding motion blur to everything. and smoke to everything and gas here in lens flares there and this is all you know fake depth of field blurring things that far and near distances like it’s a camera or something very frustrating makes the game difficult to you turn all that off and call of duty vanguard at least on PC and your visual quality just goes up from.

Endlessly like an order of magnitude ,it’s so much easier to see enemies and fight and push and just in general the maps have been cleaned up a little bit .they’re a little bit less dark there a little bit less over over or under saturated the colors are a little bit better they are still the separate World War 2 maps for the most part but it’s all better and it looks good another major benefit is that there’s now a huge map variety as soon as the game comes out .
so last year call of duty black ops told were had hello 45 real multiplayer maps when it launched this 1’s gonna have 16 and then for more to be 2 maps 16 maps is a lot to launch with for modern call of duty game .


we haven’t had that in a long time and what I’m most happy about is that there’s a huge variety in the maps. yes we still do have some of the dark dank claustrophobic little maps that you probably also and played in the beta but we also have big bright outdoor snow maps .we have bright desert maps we have a lush jungle that’s really bright we have a a reigning jungle that’s a little bit more blurry and muddy and you know kind of messy there’s all these indoor and outdoor environments.

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review

There’s just a huge huge variety of maps and I’m really happy with and also happy with the color palette variety in the maps .while I will admit that the majority of them are this depressing World War 2 gray drab kind of thing there are 45 standouts that are not and just having that variety makes the game way better on top of this the map destruction is better implemented on some of the new maps than the old ones .it is still a bit gimmicky and it’s not the world’s greatest feature.

However I did find myself actually using it and multi player to my advantage and a couple of the new maps. I was creating new site lines , little grenade holes which of course I missed my grenade throwing it bounced back and hit me in the head and killed me and all sorts of unique flanks and little things . I got surprised by people busting through walls and that I didn’t really know where destructible but the it was it was better and an actual multi player match with real people going on on some of these maps. the destruction was quite nice it was a no.

Adjustable improvement to base call of duty, I feel like the maps that they gave us in the alpha and the beta had the worst and most boring of all possible destruction areas. so it’s going to be a little bit better in the full version of the game .it’s still not like a radical new feature ,it’s not gonna be like oh my god these wood planks or so mmhm. no but it’s it’s going to be pretty fun moving along to other things that improved the weapons have been improved a lot as well so the developers initially went with this very realistic World War 2 kind of tuning where the weapons would be insanely loud that they would kick really hard.

The most importantly they would inject a lot of gas and a lot of muzzle flash or muscle player which is very historically realistic a lot of these old guns to blow out a ton of gas .they do kick they’re very difficult. I’ve shot a number of them they’re difficult to handle they’re not easy weapons like modernist sought rifles. however when you put that in the video game it feels like you’re fighting your weapon, sometimes instead of mastering it or once you start shooting .you can’t see your enemy for all the smoke and muzzle flash and stuff and that can be very undefined so sledgehammer has taken a less realistic approach.

They’ve scaled back on pretty much all of those things so now the weapons have a little bit less recoil the more manageable but most importantly they have a lot less smoke.I’d say about half as much muzzle flash there are definitely some bigger and louder guns than others. but overall the entire set of guns has been improved to be much more playable .it also makes them a lot more fun and there’s 38 of them. if I’m not mistaken which is a pretty high amount for call of duty game each of which seems pretty unique and interesting in its own right they picked a couple of less common.

World War 2 guns the throw in there so I’m overall very happy with the gun choices and they didn’t scale back the insanity of the attachments a little bit .there’s a lot of different attachments you can put on the gun a lot of different ammo types of stocks and optics the muscles and you know a ton of honestly crazy stuff that I’m not even going to be able to get into properly on in-depth without like a month of testing. but when I look at the overall effects on the weapons especially some of the more negative.

Once they were toned down some of the guns in the game would have stuff like some kind and will like give you make your gun deal less damage but it would make your gun dealing 50 percent less damages .we have market machine or this can give you better range but increases recoil but the recoil kick so much. if you’re not mounted it’s not usable the penalties aren’t that bad. they’re much more in line with reality so almost anything I put my gun I can still use which. I’m very happy with moving along the audio balance is much better in my subjective opinion and I think I have different errors that a lot of you people.

it’s not perfect no doubt but they did tone down the gun shots a little bit from your particular gun they tell them up a little bit from enemies because I did have this issue in the alpha and beta were enemies relatively close by would be shooting me and suppress them just not make very much noise. I would really only here like the bullets when they hit the wall beside me that didn’t happen at all during my full gameplay tests so that’s a good thing the audio from my gun was a little bit less overwhelming and I think that the footsteps were in a pretty good spot they’re not modern warfare 2021.

You know running with pots and pans on a on a metal floor kind of loud clacking around they are more subtle they are a little bit more difficult to hear you will have to turn your head sets up but they are there they work they are unique and distinct and different from everything else and it’s a system that I can understand using master which I’m very happy with unless of course the enemies running the ninja park which significantly reduces the sound of footsteps and that silence is also in the game too so there’s ways to circumvent that I think a lot of the community’s gonna be very happy to hear that ninja is coming back as a perk speaking of perks.

I think in our briefing session the developers mention that they’re gonna be adding new perks throughout the season ,so that’ll be fun that’s a very rare thing the call of duty does. I’m a lot happier with the audio balance ,it doesn’t blow my ears out when I’m shooting and doing things.I can still hear footsteps reasonably well.if I wanted to crank my volume, I could probably hear them a lot better then. it’s in a good place there might be improvements in the future, there may be bugs that I didn’t notice but I’m very happy with where it’s at now and then for.

Finally, we have two more small points at the end the new game mode patrol I found to be very fun it’s kind of like a moving hard point and I mean moving. it doesn’t just like magically road teleport ,it literally is like on a track and it moves around like a train all over the map very slowly you have to chase it from place to place. I think you saw the the first name in this commentary should’ve been a patrol game. I had a lot of fun with that mode that one was unique that one was different that one was good in my opinion. I would definitely play that when the full game comes out so that’s a bonus. I do enjoy the different pacing settings .

cod vanguard review

I can play some of the smaller maps in a more tactical sense where I can play them in a frantic you know nuke town ask sort of just frag fest same with the big maps we can do SND on them or we can just load in like a ten V. ten and just slug it out .in some basic people shoot each other all over the place ,so that’s actually worked out a lot better than I thought it would and I will say that the streaks are overall quite fun. they’re not consistent with each other each one is not as fun as the other but there’s a lot of them that are really fun especially the flamethrower juggernaut .

I get a huge kick out of just talking people that is but if you can get a juggernaut get the flamethrower Jagannath that thing absolutely destroys. it’s very fun it feels very rewarding I think a lot of you are going to enjoy it and that’s it for all the new good things about the game so as you can see. I’m much more optimistic and much more happy about where the game is going right now. however to keep in mind this is the experience of a man who has not played call of duty or kept up with the news for three months and then had to jump back in and slug it out against some of the best. and perhaps non pro players in the world and they don’t play like people at home and it wasn’t a couple hours is that the world’s longest play test there’s a lot of things .

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I didn’t see a lot of things ,I didn’t do a lot of experiences perhaps negative ones that I didn’t have and as the game continues some of its remaining downsides which we’ll talk about very soon may continue to bargain down downside number one is that even with the lighting and the color in the new maps and stuff there’s still a lot of brown and dark gray in this game the color palette is still coming.

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