Google NEST MINI vs Home Mini Comparison – India 2019

Recently Google launched its amazing product named Google nest Mini in India. As described it is an upgrade version of google home mini. There are few major updates as well as feature updates in Google’s nest Mini. Below we have discussed each and every detail as well as a comparison between Google Nest Mini vs Google Home Mini.

Comparison between Google Nest Mini and Google Home MINI 2019

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Above, we saw Comparison in Form of Chart where we can see that there is features upgradation and due to that its cost is also Rs.1000 higher than GOOGLE NEST MINI. SO Guys Lets See in DETAIL about major differences,PRO’s and Cons between Google Nest Mini vs Home Mini.

Which is better Google home mini or Google Nest Mini?

To answer this, we need to go through a FEW Detailed Comparison and then we can come to the conclusion . So let’s SEE.

Google nest mini vs home mini


The Nest Mini and Google Home Mini are intently associated products.
Much like Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot speakers, the Home Mini and Nest Mini are both smaller versions of the Home clever speaker. Both employ Google Assistant and connect with a number of devices around your home. You can use those devices to play the song, make calls, use voice instructions for smart devices, ask questions, and update Google apps like Calendar.

DETAIL VIDEO comparison included

Design Comparison : Google Nest Mini vs Home Mini Details

The Home Mini is a small disk covered in material. The pinnacle of the disk uses 3 LED dots to speak functions like jogging strategies, listening, beginning setups, or muted mode. You can faucet the edges of the Mini to trade extent, stop a system, or mute.

However, it can be a chunk hard because they’re no longer properly marked — regularly. There’s a small mic transfer at the lowest to show the mic totally off as needed. The Mini comes in numerous specific colour options along with a darkish blue and orange.

Applications and uses Comparison Details-

Both the Home Mini and the more moderen Nest Mini are designed for the same packages — performing as little personal assistants in smaller spaces. They aren’t clearly meant to be positioned places the way larger speakers are, despite the fact that this is a opportunity in case you don’t have any other alternatives.

But the Minis are typically at home on desks, in dorms, placing out with the aid of workspaces, or perched on smaller counters in which humans may be working nearby. They don’t do quite as well as alarm clocks due to the fact there’s no clean feature for telling the time, however, they may serve as alarm clock companions if you prefer a voice assistant in the morning.

Google Nest Mini and Home mini PRICE & Bluetooth Comparison Details-

GOOGLE NEST Mini- Rs.4999, Bluetooth v5.0

GOOGLE Home Mini- Rs.3999, Bluetooth v4.1

FInal CONCLUSION of the Comparison between GOOGLE NEST MINI vs GOOGLE Home MINI 2019 INDIA.

In my opinion, google nest mini is a good update of Google Home Mini .if looking at the price there is a difference of only 1000 rupees. And at the price, we are getting lots of features updated like microphone, Bluetooth, speakers, etc. Also, we can mount on the wall.

The design of the product is awesome and the best quality.BASS & sound quality is updated, so you should go with Google nest mini. Or else you can prefer Amazon echo DOT. In next post, I will cover difference and comparison between Google nest mini and Amazon echo dot also .so don’t forget to share this post


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