Trick to use Keywords everywhere for FREE

Hi BLOGGERS !! I hope you all agree that keyword researching is like pillars of blogging. Yes, I am talking about keywords everywhere tool, which was used to be free but now it’s paid. So many of us are looking for a trick that How to use keywords everywhere tool for free.

As keyword researching is the main goal of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. So we need efficient and accurate keyword researching tools and plugins for better results. Accordingly, we can choose our target keyword and rank our posts.

Literally speaking keywords everywhere plugin was awesome in doing this.

But from 1st October keywords everywhere tool has been made paid and the extension for Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox have a stop showing keywords volume data. So now we need to purchase credits to continue getting keywords data.

In this post, I will tell you some methods or tricks by which you can try keyword researching and keyword everywhere tool extension for free without spending a penny.

Also, I will tell you some alternatives of Keyword everywhere tool so that you can continue your blogging without any confusion.


1st Trick – YOU can use keywords everywhere COOKIES which will be provided below in the link very soon. However, we will also provide you some API keys so that you can access keywords everywhere tool for free.




2nd METHOD– Here is a list of API keys you can use them – how to get free keywords volume in Keywords everywhere paid TOOLS Extension. ( Note- this will be updated regularly and id.me time so keep visiting our website for latest API keys )

API KEYS LIST for FREE Access to KEYWORDS Everywhere Extension;-

Keywords EVERYWHERE API KEYS list ( Updated every DAY )





3rd Method – You can use virtual credit cards and also some websites offer 5 to 10$ free credit on creating virtual cards on their website. You can use this virtual credit card for buying credits on keywords everywhere website for free as the pricing of keywords everywhere tool is not very high.

Every day more and more tricks and methods will be updated on the website. As soon as we get to know about different tricks and techniques on how to use keywords everywhere extension tool in Chrome and Mozilla for free.

We are trying our best TO find solutions and methods by which you can use this Tool-free in your Google CHROME browser or Firefox. Soon new Tricks will be updated on this topic.



how to use Keywords everywhere for FREE

Pricing of KEYWORDS EVERYWHERE Tool Earlier FREE and NOW PAID Tool

Now let me make you aware of the pricing of keywords everywhere tool. however, it’s very low but I told you every method .if you don’t want to spend that money and use that too for free.

 10$1,00,000 credits
50$5,00,000 credits
100$10,00,000 credits
200$20,00,000 credits


But I will request you if you can spend then you must go with the process of buying credits, so that creator of the Amazing Keywords research tool will also be benefited

Till now we have talked a lot about methods and tricks to use it for free. Now let us see about some alternatives of keywords everywhere tool.

If this method won’t work at some point in time, then you can use this alternative tools and extensions to find your target keywords volume and do proper keyword research to rank your post and proper SEO. Let’s see –

How to use Keywords Everywhere Tool for Free ALTERNATIVES 

1st Alternative – Google Keyword Planner

It is a renowned and most widely used keyword researching tool for growing the business for finding real-time keyword ideas for your blog post. Also, you can find proper keywords for Google ads and proper SEO.

so this can be your first choice in alternate to keywords everywhere extension after its PAID. Earlier when it was free people used to prefer keywords everywhere extension as it was easy to use and give the results directly.

But now when it’s paid, many people can move to Google keyword planner and literally speaking its a good idea.


2nd Alternative – UBERSUGGEST by Neil Patel

Basically is a tool that helps to generate keywords for proper marketing strategy and as an SEO analyzer. It is also mainly known for an alternative Ahref keyword research tool.

It works similarly to keyword everywhere tool and gives you a rough idea of keywords volume and its competition. So you can prefer the ubersuggest tool as a method of using keyword everywhere tool for free in 2019.


3rd Alternative – You can also go with different tools present in the market like KW finder or Research Keywords Fast in 2019 etc.


Guys, I tried my best to explain to you all the circumstances and the possible ways or methods by which you can use keyword everywhere extension in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for free without buying their credits for purchasing credits to use them.

But above tricks are just tricks, no one can say that it will last for how many hours or days. I will try to update every day about new techniques and tricks and methods to use this tool.

Still,I will suggest that if you can spend a few dollars then you must purchase credits and use this tool.

However, my friends who can’t spend money on these tools and still want to do keyword research to write the wonderful articles and rank posts must go through the alternative of Keyword everywhere extension or tool, so that your work can go smoothly.

I hope you like this article on the topic- use keywords everywhere tool-free. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and especially young budding bloggers.

if you have any suggestions or any ideas do let me know I will be very happy to interact with you and find any new solution for the methodology used this tool for free.

Bye, my dear bloggers meet you in a new post very soon with some interesting tips and tricks related to Blogging, keywords research, SEO and Digital Marketing.



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