Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong, [How to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2021 something went wrong error]

Again, the Most demanded Spotify Wrapped 2021 feature is out but for people facing Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error continuously. launched this feature before Christmas and people are very excited but when they try to use Spotify wrapped story also, they say that Spotify wrapped 2021 story not showing up, and also my Spotify app won’t load. So in This blog, we will see how to fix Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error. Let’s Dive into this article for detailed understanding.

Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong

In general the Spotify app is working perfectly fine but after the launch of Spotify wrapped 2021 many users are experiencing the error. Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error is shown on the mobile screen whenever they try to access this feature. Lakhs of Spotify user have reported the same issue. Let’s briefly understand why this issue is coming. As this application and the feature of wrapped 2021 was made and as soon as it was updated on the mobile app , people try to access at the very same time and the server got crashed.

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There is a minute bug or se error in the coding and layout of spotify wrapped feature due to which as soon as you open it gets stopped working and give few to several error messages like Spotify wrapped something went wrong, Spotify wrapped story not working, Spotify wrapped wont load etc. No need to be worried keep reading this article we will also update you how to fix this error soon. This error also depends upon the device you are using whether you are trying to use

spotify wrapped story not working | Spotify wrapped 2021 story not showing up

Similar to above case , The feature of Spotify Wrapped gives you Story acces where you can see your complete year story made by spotify Artificial Inteligence and can share on social medias . But here also again Error coming similar to above that My spotify wrapped 2021 Story not showing up and story not working which is under investigation by Spotify team. As soon as story is to display it fails and says cant load . People tried restarting apps but it did not work.

Spotify Wrapped feature is overwhelmed with so many users that some have been kicked out from the service.

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Spotify Wrapped is a new feature that was launched by Spotify and it basically shows you your music journey and also stats like how many songs you listened, total number of time you spent in Spotify and most importantly top ten most played tracks.

Users who already updated their Spotify application to latest version are able to access this feature. But it looks like Spotify Wrapped is temporarily unavailable for many users (including me) and has been down since few hours. Some Reddit users are reporting that they were kicked out of the service after accessing features like Top 10 Most Played Tracks or Albums list.


Spotify wrapped wont load : USERS COMPLAIN Spotify wrapped 2021

Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error coming. Users complain that spotify wrapped is not working after updating to 2021.2 version. Spotify wrapper stopped working after the update and we got many user complaints regarding this issue. Spotify Error message : “We’re sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.” Some users have even reverted back to 2020.3 version, but the problem persists. We are currently investigating this issue and will update you as soon as we have more information.

If you are experiencing this issue, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

Dear Readers, There seemed an unexpected glitch with new version of Spotify which was launched today named “Spotify Wrapped”. Users started receiving a message saying ” Spotify Wrapped 2021. Something went wrong “.

So what is this Spotify Wrapped? I think it’s a new feature from spotify to show you your complete year of listening in Graph form. But the thing is even after signing up for it , users are not able to see their graph.

There are few temporary fixes available on web but nothing works for everyone . Spotify is aware of this issue and they have asked us to post an update when the problem gets fixed.

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how to fix Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error

If you can’t access Spotify wrapped 2021 feature ,then don’t worry as we have a working around for you to access your top played tracks and albums list . See Permanent fix of something went wrong error will come with App update as coding error and Bugs will be fix by engineers of Spotify app . Ans several Tips can be seen below also but different for android devices and Laptops. Spotify wrapped error can be fixed using these methods. rest be assured company will soon release new version in which this will automatically get fixed.

Firs of All you Update app and Try again …

We have identified the cause of this issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, please follow these steps to temporarily resolve the Spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong issue:

  • 1) Uninstall Spotify Wrapped
  • 2) Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/WrapCache
  • 3) Reboot your computer
  • 4) Its solved in Computers

Also If you are using Spotify web player, clearing your browser cache can help you getting fix this Something went wrong error. Modern browsers store recently visited web page in the cache with other data. You can fix the issue by clearing the cache from the browser.

If you can’t access this feature then don’t worry as we have a working workaround for you to access your top played tracks and albums list.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download Spotify Wrapped by going to this link .
  2. Unzip or extract the zip file using your favorite software/program.
  3. Open SpotifyWrapped folder and then double click on index file called “index”. It’ll open a new window with all your top played songs, albums and tracks listed there without any ads of other stuffs running in background.
  4. That’s it! Enjoy!

As you can see, at least three posts from different groups say… Same shit here.. Just try again in few hours.. And not only that, I’m pretty sure they were already working when we got our invites too…

Spotify wrapped feature is again back before Christmas like every year. If you want to give a gift to your friends and family, Spotify premium is the way to go. You can buy it as a physical gift card or an electronic voucher. The voucher can be redeemed on the Spotify website for a premium subscription for either 3 or 12 months.

What’s great about this gift is that the receiver can choose their own subscription. Whether they want to listen to music offline, on demand or with no ads, they can choose the plan that suits them best. Plus, you don’t have to worry about gift wrap or shipping!

If you’re not sure what type of music your loved ones listen to, Spotify has a great feature called Wrapped. This will give you a breakdown of their listening habits over the past year. You can see what their favourite artist, album and genre were.

So, if you’re looking for a last-minute gift that’s sure to please, Spotify Wrapped is the way to go! Happy holidays!

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  1. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it user-friendly.
  2. You can create your own playlists, or listen to existing ones.
  3. The app offers high quality streaming of music without any interruptions or ads.
  4. You can access your playlists and music library from anywhere in the world.
  5. The app integrates seamlessly with other music streaming services like Apple Music, making it easy to switch between them.
  6. It provides personalized recommendations for new music based on your listening habits.
  7. You can share songs and playlists with friends via social media or email.
  8. The app has an equalizer option that will allow you to alter the sound quality of your tracks.
  9. You can download songs and albums for listening offline, saving on data costs.
  10. The app is free to use with ads or you can subscribe to a premium version for ad-free music streaming experience.

The user interface is simple and easy on the eyes as well as responsive enough on a mobile phone screen size although its not the best there’s but you cannot compare it with Apple Music due its far better UI design . And if we talk about audio quality then it has build in Equalizers that’ll help you boost up an audio track according to your liking which gives your more control over audio experience using Spotify iOS App .

Spotify also got a good integration with many other music streaming apps available out there and one can easily jump from Spotify app to other app without any issue and it remembers your last played track on other app so you don’t have to search for it again .

Spotify offers great personalized recommendations for new music based on your current listening habits which is pretty helpful if you’re looking for something new to listen . And not only that but you can also see what your friends are currently listening to which could be a good way to discover some new music as well .

You can share songs and playlists with others quite easily whether its over Facebook, Twitter or just emailing a link to them and it’s all very user-friendly . Plus, they’ll be able to listen to the shared playlist on their desktop browser or any other device which they use Spotify app .

So in total, its a good app that offers some really impressive features but still you cannot ignore its UI design and I’m sure many of you wish it had Apple Music interface which is far better than this . But regardless of the UI design, the rest of features are really good and I bet if you try it once then no one can stop you from using it on daily basis .

And did I mention its Free to Use with ads unless you get premium version that costs USD 10 for 6 months or USD 5 per month . And yes there are some more ways to get Spotify Premium service free of cost like signing up for an account through someone’s referral link or maybe buying a gift card .

So all in all its a really good music streaming app that’ll keep you satisfy with but if you’re looking for something like Apple Music then be ready to spent some bucks on this or try out Tidal which also offers same kind of features but costs around few USD per month .

Conclusion: Spotify wrapped something went wrong

I hope you got the news regarding Spotify Wrapped issue . It seems that there is BUG in App and soon spotify wrapped 2021 something went wrong error will go . We will post updates as soon as issue gets fixed.

If you still have any doubts regarding Spotify Wrapped error please ask below in COMMENTS.

We will post the work around after receiving information from Spotify or when they fix this issue, So keep checking here . I hope you understood why we are asking for your email address. If already signed up, don’t worry about it. We will send you an email notification when something is updated.

Thanks for reading !

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Frequently Asked Questions on Spotify wrapped 2021 error

how to see Spotify wrapped slideshow

Spotify wrapped slideshow can be accessed from Spotify App’s latest version link which is also given above. After opening Story, you can see Spotify wrapped slideshow and also share it.

Spotify wrapped something went wrong

Yes, this is error coming on Spotify 2021 wrapped feature after launch. But as mentioned in article , its just for some time due to technical glitch and soon will be fixed

how to fix Spotify wrapped something went wrong error

There are 3-4 alternate methods to fix Several errors coming in Spotify wrapped 2021 like Something went wrong error, cant load my story error in Spotify by following steps . Step-by-step process described where you can fix this error for you mobiles as well as Laptop and PC devices.

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