American Idol Finale Voting 2023, American Idol 2023 finale voting

Finally American Idol Finale Voting 2023 is live. Yes, today we are going to get our winner and America’s Best music voice i.e American Idol 2023. Who is going to win American Idol 2023 will be decided once the American Idol 2023 finale voting ends on 22 May at 7 pm live show. After this, all votes will be counted and After the final addition of scores, the winner will be declared tonight. Today’s Finale is going to be the grand finale. Read complete to know the American Idol Finale Voting process step by step.

You can vote by 2 different methods. One is Through the Official voting page and the second method is the Text message method. The most popular method is Voting on the official page. Here we have shared every minute voting details regarding the American idol 2023 vote. So no need to be worried.

American Idol Finale Voting 2023

Time needed: 3 minutes

American Idol Finale Voting 2023 details step by step so that you can vote for your favorite finalists and select winners amongst the 3 American Idol 2023 finalists. American Idol finale voting will only decide amongst Hunter girl, Noa Thompson, and Leah Marlene who is going to lift American idol 2023 winners trophy and award.

  1. Click American idol Finale 2023 Voting Link here

    The Voting page link is given here which can be clicked by you to land a new page from where you can directly vote in the finale tonight. Its shown in the Image below also.


  2. New Page opens, Scroll down and get Voting Button as shown below.

    As soon as you complete step 1 for voting, you land on a new page that contains a voting page direct link. You have to scroll down and get the Blue color VOTING Button. Click on the button and start the Voting process. New-page-opens-click-american-idol-voting-link

  3. ABC Voting Page opens for the American Idol 2023 finale, Sign up or sign in to proceed with Voting

    If you are a new user, then sign up using the Email address on the Voting page of the American Idol 2023 finale show on ABC. When you sign up then you are ready to log in


  4. Now Sign in to your ABC account to start voting process where you will get a chance to select your favorite Idol 2023

    As now you have registered, click Sign In and Fill email password and proceed by clicking Log in. Now you will enter the American idol Finale voting portal Live and can see all 3 Finalists’ names and photos listed.


  5. Click on and select 1 Name from 3 finalists for whom you want to vote.

    You will see The Vote now buttons below every finalist’s name & Photos. Amongst them, you have to decide whom you want to make this show win and vote for them. Click Vote now tab below their names.

  6. Submit Vote Now button comes, Click to Finalise American idol finale 2023 voting

    Yes, you are on the very last step to successfully cast your valuable vote to any one of the finalists. So review and finally click on submit to proceed and make your vote count in the show.


  7. Success! You have voted successfully for American Idol finale 2023

    Congratulations. You have completed all steps and voted successfully to select a winner tonight and America will get its next American idol after everyone contributes to the American Idol finale vote process.

American Idol 2023 finale voting [ 2nd Method ]

Here is another method for you all to cast your vote in tonight’s finale episode. However its used by less people but its also a mode of Voting and its my duty to let you know everything about 2nd method of American Idol 2023 finale voting. vote now for your favourate contestant.

You need to know about FINALISTS Number allowed to vote. For example, if NOAH THOMPSON is assigned no. 2 then you need to vote for him in the format of [ TEXT 2 to 21523 ]. This is just an example to show you how to vote by text options in the American idol 2023 finale. Code numbers of Finalists will be displayed on the show and on Tv live.

Hunter Girl American Idol Voting finale

if you want to vote for Hunter girl on 22 May finale episode then follow The following format to vote for her via text method or also you can follow the 1st paragraph step by step voting method to vote via the website. Hunter Girl American Idol Voting by – [ TEXT (Hunter Girl’s code number) to 21523 ]


Leah Marlene American Idol Voting finale

if you want to vote for Leah Marlene today then see the following format to vote for her via text method or also you can follow the 1st paragraph step by step voting method to vote via the website. Leah Marlene American Idol Voting by – [ TEXT (Leah Marlene’s code number) to 21523 ]


Noah Thompson American Idol Voting finale

if you want to vote for Noah Thompson in today’s American Idol finale contest, then see the following format to vote . Noah Thompson American Idol Voting by – [ TEXT (Noah Thompson’s code number) to 21523 ]


Hope you like this article where we explained step by step process for American Idol Finale Voting 2023. If still, you have any queries then do let me know in the comments regarding American idol 2023 finale voting. Thanks a lot.

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