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Lego Masters Australia 2023 is registering its name in top 10 reality shows of Australia. Truly,its amazing concept and show is going perfect. People want to Make their favourit teams and players win ,so They are participating in Lego Masters Viewers choice Vote and here also we are going to tell you regarding Lego Masters Vote Australia season 4. You can watch show and following instructions during show you can go for nine Lego masters vote. Complete details in this article on how to vote for Lego Masters and Logo masters 2023 australia voting .

As we all know that Lego Masters Australian TV series is airing its 4th season. This is one of the amazing reality show in Australia which is beloved by adults and kids alike thanks to the contestants’ incredible, imaginative LEGO builds. This is justified by the viewership ratings of the lego masters Australia 2023. Like previous all three seasons this season also on the, is one of the top show to be watched on television.

Lego Masters Vote [ Australia 2023]

There is simple and best method for Voting process. Yes, Lego masters vote is easy . You just need to follow step by step process for Lego masters australai voting and then you can select your favorite and contribute in their show winning. So let’s see about Lego masters vote Australia . Already we have covered many reality shows voting and also finale voting process . So you will get clear idea after reading this.

Time needed: 3 minutes

Lego Masters Vote and nine lego masters vote to select viewers choice winner in show lego masters australia season 4. Here is process informing you about Lego masters Vote Australia

  1. Read all steps below for Voting Lego masters australia

    In below steps you are guided what to do and how to vote

  2. Click here on Link Lego Masters Vote

    Clicking on this voting link will take you to Lego masters voting page

  3. New Voting Page Opens,Scroll Down Carefully

    After new Page opens,you just need to go mid section scrolling and there you find Blue Button for Voting

  4. Click on Button

    so clicking this button will show you Voting team names and there you can start voting

  5. Selection , Voting and Done

    In last step you need to Select favorites displayed there , After selection , submit option comes and after submission.Your vote counts and Now you have succesfull voted for Lego Masters vote for viewers choice .

Grand Masters (2023) Teams

  • Scott and Owen
  • Kale and Trent
  • Alex and Caleb
  • David and Gus
  • Andrew and Damian
  • Gabby and Ryan
  • Sarah and Henry
  • Joss & Henry

nine lego masters vote

we also know that It is being telecasted on the channel 9 network i.e nine Lego masters vote becomes important. however its same thing ,just nine refers channel on which its showing . Thatswhay voting process also called by other name i.e nine Lego masters vote. And this comes on Channel 9 and 9now. The winning team will take home $100,050 in prize money which is a big hefty winning amount to be won just by your support and Leho masters Voting Australia 2023.Every year LEGO Masters show touches new heights and this year is no exception to this proven fact in reality show industry of Australia.

Lego Masters Viewers choice Vote

Lego masters viewers choice vote plays very crucial role in winning of any contestant and team. Viewers choice vote is that which is selceted by the people who watches show on TV and wants to vote. We have made step by step process to vote above. Kindly refer ut and then you will have clear concept regarding the process of participating in Lego masters viewers choice Vote in australi 2023. Here is list of teams whom you can vote for viewers choice

Lego masters TeamRelationshipViewers Choice Vote
Caleb & AlexLaw student & Makeup artistyet to compete
Paul & TrentLoving coupleyet to compete
Branko & MaxFather & Sonyet to compete
Kirsti & DanielSupport worker & Web developeryet to compete
Joss & Henry Brothersyet to compete
Rachael & LexiAuditor & Video Editoryet to compete
Gene & NickVideo editoryet to compete
Andrew & CrystalSocial media Content creatorEliminated

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What time is LEGO Masters on tonight?

LEGO Masters is telecasted on Sunday at 7pm and continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Nine Netwok channels namely Channel 9 and 9Now

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