How to vote for Big brother VIP final | big brother VIP voting process, site

The show is coming to the finale and voting to start for Big brother VIP final. Voting for Big Brother VIP final will open in Monday night’s episode. Everyone is excited about Big brother VIP voting process. you can vote online for Big brother VIP voting site and people in Australia are crazy about this show. Have you voted or not for Big brother VIP? Still, confused? Let me tell you that How to Vote for Big brother VIP final episodes. I will elaborate and tell you all step by step process regarding Big brother VIP Voting Process. So be ready to vote for your favorite contestants.

This year, on the show Twelve VIPs have been invited to take a vacation from their celebrity lives and check into an experience like no other – Big Brother VIP and at last, three will be left and we get our finalist and winner.

How to vote for Big brother VIP final

Big brother VIP Voting will open in the Monday episode in which all the audience and viewers can cast their vote for their favourite contestants amongst the 3 VIP Grand Finalists on show. The big amount i.e $100,000 will be awarded to the winning VIPs chosen charity. So let’s see step by step process on How to vote for Big Brother VIP and big brother VIP finale voting process.

  • Step 1: Click Big Brother VIP Voting Link Here
  • Step 2: New Page Opens where you need to scroll
  • Step 3: You will Final Big brother VIP Voting Button
  • Step 4: Click on Button and Voting page Opens
  • Step 5: Voting Page opens
  • Step 6: You see 3 Finalist Contestants Listed
  • Step 7: Select Contestant whom you want to Vote
  • Step 8: Message shows – Thanks for Voting

Above we explained to you step by step process on How to vote for Big Brother VIP. Also How you can vote through Apps and other ways will be explained in this paragraph. You can use or can download the Big Brother VIP official app from the Google play store and IOS for the apple device from where you can cast your votes on Monday night finale episodes.


If you have to participate in the Big Brother VIP Australia voting top 3 finales then you need to vote. Also, you can directly visit Voting Page at . So both Voting for Big Brother VIP by Website or Mobile is possible.

big brother VIP finale voting site

Also, You can Find Voting details on the Official Facebook Page,Instagram and other social sites like Twitter of Big Brother VIP Final show where details like Timing of vote, Results, and processes are mentioned regarding How to vote for Big Brother VIP 2023 show. ALso similarly we have informed about Celebrity Big brother 3 voting also.

I hope this step-by-step detailed process of How to vote in Big Brother VIP finale show is clear. If still, you have any queries, do reach out to us via comments. We will be happy to clear your doubt related to the voting of the Big brother show.

Thank you Friends for reading an article on the Voting of Big Brother VIP and the step-by-step process of voting!

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This is final episode voting link which we already shared. People can visit our blog and look for this ink step by step explained above for vote

FAQ on Big Brother VIP Voting

How to vote for Big Brother VIP?

There is 8 Steps process explained above by which you can vote for your favourite contestants in this show. You can refer to How to vote for Big Brother VIP 2023 by Clicking here.

The Big Brother VIP Voting site

Yes, you can do that also. You need to visit the google play store and ios store for Updating and Installing the Big Brother VIP Australia Voting. Also, you can use Google Chrome on mobile for a better and quick voting process

The Big Brother VIP Winner

Amongst Top 3 contestants who are finalists of the big brother VIP show, the one who gets Maximum Votes with other formats of Show will win this grand Show and will be declared as Big brother VIP 2023 Winner

Big brother VIP website for Voting is the official website for the show and voting of Big Brother VIP final show

Big Brother Vip Voting 2023

The process for voting in the Big Brother VIP TV show can vary depending on the country and the specific voting method that is being used. However, here are some general steps that may apply:

  1. Check the available voting methods: Typically, there are several ways to vote for your favorite contestant in Big Brother VIP. These may include SMS, phone calls, online voting, or via the show’s official app. You should check which methods are available in your country and what the associated costs are.
  2. Register (if needed): Some voting methods may require you to register before you can cast your vote. This may involve creating an account on the show’s website or app, providing your personal details, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  3. Choose your voting method: Once you know which voting methods are available and have registered (if needed), you can choose how you want to vote. For example, you may want to send an SMS, call a certain phone number, or use the show’s app or website to cast your vote.
  4. Follow the instructions: Depending on the voting method you choose, you will need to follow specific instructions to cast your vote. For example, if you’re voting via SMS, you may need to type in a specific keyword or code for your chosen contestant and send it to a designated number. If you’re voting online, you may need to navigate to the official website or app and select your preferred contestant.
  5. Confirm your vote: Once you have followed the instructions for your chosen voting method, you will usually receive a confirmation message or notification to let you know that your vote has been cast. It’s important to make sure you follow all the instructions carefully, as any mistakes may mean that your vote doesn’t count.
  6. Wait for the results: The voting results are usually announced during the show or on the official website. The contestant with the highest number of votes will typically be safe from eviction or win a certain prize, depending on the specific rules of the show.

It’s important to note that the exact process for voting in Big Brother VIP may vary depending on the country and the specific voting methods used. It’s always a good idea to check the show’s official website or social media accounts for the latest information on how to vote.

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