Big Brother Australia Voting, Big Brother Australia 2022 Voting

Finally Big Brother Australia Voting is live. Big brother reality show is one of the most widest chain of reality shows in apporximate every country. Similarly,again in 2022, show is back in Australia with 21 new Contestants . Every week 1 housemates gets eliminated and that is done on the basis of Big Brother Australia 2022 Voting . So if you want your favorite celebrity or housemates to be saved from eliminations from big brother house then you need to read details of vote below. Be with us for all new updates. The most trending topic is here. All latest Big Brother australia voting methods are updated.

Scroll Below for THE BLOCK 2022 Voting Button LINK !

You can vote by method explained step by step below.Big brother australia is telecasted on 7 network and voting also takes place during show to nominate . Its completely your turn to show fans power by contributing in Big brother australia vote.

Big Brother Australia Voting

Time needed: 3 minutes

Big Brother Australia Voting details step by step so that you can vote for your favorite housemates and save them till alst of show to make them reach in top 3 in show. Big Brother Australia 2022 Voting will only decide after your vote are casted and its counting takes place. look at steps of voting process below

  1. Click Big brother Australia 2022 Voting Link here

    The Voting page link is given here which can be clicked by you to land a new page from where you can directly vote in big brother australia . Its shown in the Image below also.


  2. New Page opens, Scroll down & Voting Button can be seen

    As soon as you complete step 1 for voting, you land on a new page that contains a voting page direct link. You have to scroll down and get the Blue color VOTING Button. Click on the button and start the Voting process. big-brother-australia-voting-2022-link

  3. Voting page opens where you can see cntestants lists to vote

    If you are a new user, then sign up and later you can sign in or vote directly to housemates names listed there.From this only every week elimination takes place.

  4. Vote now option displays, Select your loved housemate or contestants

    make sure to cross check and identify names and photos of housemates , so that you vote for right person and make them lead in this week epsiodes.


  5. Thanks ! You have clickd on submit and your Vote is done. Congratulations

    You will see Thanks or Congratulations message flashed. You have completed all steps and voted successfully to select a best according to you for that week episodes.


Big Brother Australia 2022 Voting

Above you have seen complete process of voting . Now you must know whom you have to vote. For that you first need to know about Housemates or contestants in Big Brother House 2022. After knowing this only you can proceed to Big Brother Australia 2022 Voting. So here is list of all Housemates amongst whom total vote casted will be calculated.

This Big borther voting lasts for 62 days and at end of show winner gets $250,000 prize money. Its huge and as i said this is only possible if you vote and make them in Top 3 to win big brother australia 2022 season.

Big Brother Australia Voting – New Housemates

Big Brother Australia Voting – Big Brother Royalty

Hope you like this article where we explained step by step process for Big Brother Australia Voting. If still, you have any queries then do let me know in the comments regarding Big Brother Australia 2022 voting. Thanks a lot.

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FAQ on Big Brother Australia Voting 2022

 big brother australia 2022

You can watch big brother australia 2022 on 7 network channel namely 7 play. Here in article we have explained how to watch big brother and also how to vote big brother australia 2022.

how to vote for big brother australia 2022

There are 5 step process explaine dabove for you to undertsnad how to vote for big brother australia 2022. Every step s explaine dwith images so that you will not face any issue. Read details in above paragraph.

big brother australia 2022 cast

The big brother australia 2022 cast consists of 2 sets . 1st New housemates and secondly Big brother reality memebrs. They both constitutes cast of big brother australia 2022 for which you are allowed to vote. ALso list of all cast is given in table above.

Housemate Sam ruffled some feathers as she faced the prospect of her second eviction in a row on Wednesday night’s episode after Big brother Australia voting 2022 . The show is going live , have you watched all latest episodes. If not then watch out and then vote now. For your favourite contestant. Hurry up guys.

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  1. This is impossible to get to vote for 2022 bigbother every time I press on the press here it takes me to the Canadian site

  2. I don’t think it was fair that BigBrother made the challenges so that Reggie couldn’t win one because she couldn’t see she gave a 100% to a the challenges but she could never win one

  3. Reggie gets my vote….every time I go to vote on Aussie big brother site it goes to Canada’s big brother must b a cliche

    • Just follow this , on that page , which opens there, scroll below, there is Official link present ..Scroll on new page that opens and look below for link !!

    • T nat know all tops to be had all mean as I so get excally like you get the Canadian web voting page like you and all top’s to be had to yeah!! That have to ask all top’s to be had a friend of mine how going to be had got on to Australia website top’s to be had one to vote 3 time’s for Riggie I know all giving top’s so many votes on to Reggie top’s to be had to win all the way top’s to be had to win Big Brother 2022 Yeah Kool Sweet!!

      • Just follow this , on that page , which opens there, scroll below, there is Official link present ..Scroll on new page that opens and look below for link !!


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