Shinzo abe shooting video,[ Watch ] Shinzo Abe shooting video

Big Breaking news came few hours ago that someone fired on Shinzo Abe . And now people are searching for their loved Shinzo abe shooting video. They are very angry and want to know who did this and how. That’s why here we will share video dor you all to Watch Shinzo abe shooting video details and list all videos in front of you now.

Watch videos: Shinzo Abe, Japan’s ex-PM, implodes in the wake of being shot in Nara. THE LATEST: In this video you can see the shooter standing right behind Shinzo Abe, wearing a white veil and green shirt. And afterward he shot Shinzo Abe, after which the security specialists got him. #ShinzoAbeShot #shinzo #Japan

Shinzo ab shooting video

Alerta Mundial one of The Japenese Twitter user who was in Event where incident took place and recorded video. We are showing same video belwo. Have a look at shinzo abe video of shooting .

This Shinzo abe shooting video below is given by Eric Sturock which is a CCTV footage of event. Check this out :-

The Guardian also shared about Shinzo Abe Youtube shooting video now. Have a look at that too to get more clear idea –

Watch Shinzo Abe Shooting video

One of the other twitter user shared Another angle of former Japan Prime Minister shooting video:

Shinzo Abe was rushed to a hospital bleeding and showing no vital signs after the attack. He may have gone into cardiac arrest, as per local media reports. Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on stage, delivering a speech at Nara when he was shot, reportedly in the chest, a government spokesman said.

The person who did this is named as Yamagami Tetsuya, accepted to be the shooter is a previous oceanic self preservation force part

  • The man is in his 40’s struck the previous top state leader from behind
  • He discharged two shots at Abe – one struck his left chest and the other hit his neck
  • The twin shots made Abe breakdown to ground and covered his shirt with blood

Above we shared multiple videos or say footages. Your query regarding Shinzo Abe Shooting video is now solved. If still you have any issue , kindly comment to get VIDEO in Email or Whatsapp. Thanks. If you like more to read content like this you can go through the link given below.

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