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Yummy! Food Lovers will like this Blog much. we are going to tell you How to Cook Crayfish, How to cook Crayfish Tails and How to cook crayfish from frozen and many more Crayfish Recipes by which you can prepare and enjoy. We have shared our Live experience of catching crayfish and preparing recipes and processes of making and cooking crayfish. I hope you all will like it. Let’s have a look at this.

we’re at this little river here and we’re gonna try to find some crayfish. I haven’t done a crawfish catching cook.I have a good recipe a delicious one for these little crawfish. so let’s go see if i can find some water’s uh the water’s pretty cold that’s not too bad once you get in let’s see here any crayfish under there I don’t see anything yet oh it’s nice over here look at this nice big open space wow

How to Cook CrayFish

All right i’m gonna move my stuff over here and I’m just gonna swim around set a crayfish trap in there somewhere and just swim around and look for them I’m sure there’s gotta be some in here all right i’m gonna get my stuff be right back all right this area right .here is much deeper and uh you can see it’s a little murkier but i think we’ll be able to find them i’m gonna just go dive in there and see if i can find any.


I wasn’t expecting to see all those big fish .i just went to the bottom it’s only like maybe six seven feet and see all those big fish i don’t know what they were.they kind of look like carp but not carb like a little mix of carbon trout .let’s go and let’s check again. yeah they do look like carp uh.i haven’t seen any crawfish though.let’s keep looking.

Steps on HOW to Cook CrayFish

I used to catch a lot of crawfish when i was a kid but i haven’t had any in a long time.i was going to grab them but i missed out. but i’m gonna put a trap down there because there’s a lot and there’s some big ones too .so let’s get the trap set up, so i have this crawfish trap right here. it’s got holes on both ends a zipper and i have some cat food,so we’ll just toss that in and we’ll put this right at the bottom of that area. And yeah we’ll catch some crawfish.i’m just going to open it just a little bit ,just like so then i’ll put this in here.

I think now we have Crayfish. I am ready to tell you HOW TO COOK A CRAYFISH? Let’s see steps for How to Cook Crayfish, How to cook Crayfish Tails and How to cook crayfish from frozen. All the Step by step process is detailed for the topic How to Cook Crayfish below.

  1. I’m gonna bust out the firebox
  2. Clean crawfish right now
  3. Put Crawfish on ice and wait
  4. Now we are ready to Cook Crayfish
  5. heat them up and add little oil
  6. All right got some ginger here, I’m gonna toss that in a couple of big garlic cloves
  7. That is already smelling so good crawfish going in.
  8. I’m going to steam them a little.
  9. so I’m going to add a touch of water & get them steaming.
  10. And they’re moving a little bit but they’re dead in seconds.
  11. All right it’s probably about halfway cooked right now.
  12. so now I’m going to start adding the seasoning,just regular soy sauce, drench that nice coat of soy sauce, a ton of chili flakes
  13. And I also have my special chili flakes these are Thai chili flakes that i dehydrated and one of these goes a long way so I’m just going to put one crush it up
  14. Oh man, even it smells so good when you dehydrate Thai chilis.
  15. so good, I would highly highly recommend it.
  16. I use this with a lot of stuff good. okay now adding brown sugar and let’s see. yeah, that’s a half a quarter cup right there I’m gonna mix them up, toss them up.
  17. I’m also gonna add a couple of bay leaves as well.
  18. i’m also going to add some lemon slices & there we go
  19. We’re almost done here .one more thing we’re gonna add to this.
  20. maybe a little more sugar for good flavor. So i’m going to put a little more sugar
  21. it’s done. But you can also make it interesting with additional recipe mentioned below

So i had a little weird was just going to be this as a dish but before i came i had some noodles and i figured i’m going to add some noodles and then i thought well i’m not going to cook the noodles. i’m going to have them crunchy like you know when you’re a kid you eat the instant noodles like a snack .so i have some right here and that’s exactly what i’m going to do.

I’m just going to crush them up just roughly, not too small. kind of want them chunky in there and check it out .i’m gonna add the noodles in might be weird but i’m sure it’ll taste good. and I’m just gonna mix that in, so all the noodles just absorb all that sauce .check that outlook at that right there.

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hey hey hey, you’re gonna eat this crayfish noodle combo. oh that’s really good .all right it’s done let’s eat. I explained the complete process How to cook CrayFish. Hope it helps

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