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After a long time again today,19th November 2021 we are going to see a Blood moon eclipse Australia or say Lunar blood moon eclipse in Australia along with many other countries. lunar eclipse 2021 Perth or Lunar eclipse 2021 Australia is trending on the internet as its said that this is the Longest partial lunar eclipse in centuries to be visible in Australia on Friday night including Melbourne,Perth etc. parts of Australia. In last 13-14 centuries, this will be the longest partial blood moon eclipse Australia . We will also discuss the query like What time is the lunar eclipse 2021 Australia? So stay tuned with this article on the Blood moon lunar eclipse update in Australia.

Blood moon eclipse Australia

The longest partial blood moon lunar eclipse in centuries will be visible from most of Australia on Friday night as a shadow slowly crawls across the surface of the moon.

The Blood moon eclipse or Lunar eclipse 2021 will be visible in Australia will begin at 8.09 pm on Friday, and ending at 11.03pm approx, lasting for time duration of approximate 2 hours and 54 minutes. According to present news sources,these are very important information of blood moon eclipse Australia and lunar eclipse 2021 perth. All Lunar eclipse australia updates here,click here

“It will be the longest time that this has happened for hundreds of years,” he said.

Astronomy website Slooh said it would be about five or six times rarer than a solar eclipse, which affects up to 80 per cent of the Earth’s surface every 18 months.

what is Lunar blood moon eclipse 2021 Australia

The blood moon eclipse means that the moon will turn red in color.This is due to an optical illusion called a ‘Rayleigh scattering’. What makes the moon appear red is basically when tiny particles in the Earth’s atmosphere scatter sunlight onto it . It occurs when sun light goes through the Earth’s atmosphere and hits the moon. During this lunar eclipse, there will be extra amount of sun light that will pass through the atmosphere, making it red.

The blood moon eclipse takes place on 19th Nov’2021 . It is predicted to be at its maximum at different Time and will last for several minutes depending on locations like Australia or other countries. This lunar eclipse is special because this lunar eclipse means that there are four consecutive total lunar eclipses

  • it is eclipse when moon enters in the earth’s shadow.
  • it is super moon when the moon is closest to earth in one year .
  • it is called total lunar eclipse when the moon enters totally in the earth’s shadow .
  • it is visible from all over the world with naked eyes

What time is the lunar eclipse 2021 Australia?

lunar eclipse 2021 Australia time is searched a lot as people want to experience this event tonight. The Lunar eclipse 2021 Australia will begin at 8.09 pm on Friday and ending at 11.03 pm approx, lasting for a time duration of approx 2 hours and 54 minutes as stated by all news agency and space agencies.


How to watch the Lunar eclipse 2021 in Australia ?

The best way to watch lunar eclipse is to travel to the dark roads away from cities lights. However, if you are unable to do so, there are plenty of other options that can be chosen.

Major cities in Australia will see a small portion of the moon covered by earth’s shadow, but it would be better to prefer watching from remote places or via live broadcastings.

To view the lunar eclipse, you need to know in advance when and where it will be visible. We have provided a brief summary for your convenience:

Steps to watch Lunar eclipse 2021 in Australia

  1. Must know Time and date of Lunar eclipse or Blood moon lunar eclipse . See Lunar eclipse time here
  2. Face towards Moon and relax your mind totally. Keep your phone switched off since its light will disturb your concentration (better if you cover the screen with red cloth).
  3. Gaze at Moon for 5-10 minutes without blinking eyes, imagine that how beautiful it would be if we could see the Moon in such a manner every month (it is also possible, but we need to keep our mind and eyes relaxed).
  4. After approximately 10 minutes you will start experiencing strange things like seeing multiple shadows of single object, feeling unusual heat or cold sensation, hearing beeps/noises/music etc., smelling fragrances, having tingling sensation in your body, seeing dark clouds around you etc.
  5. The time needed to experience these things varies from person-to-person depending upon his/her level of relaxation and concentration. 7. Enjoy the show!
  6. After 10 minutes return back to normal mode by getting off your chair and rubbing your palms together to generate a little bit of heat and then cupping them over your eyes.
  7. Your vision will be under influence of Moon’s gravitational force during that time, so you will feel that distant objects are moving fast in sky (it is better to avoid jumping/running etc., since you may loose your balance).
  8. If you experience any unusual symptoms after the eclipse, then don’t worry just remain relaxed and face Moon again to get rid of such symptoms. The best thing is to go out in fresh air and drink lots of water (if you can observe moon for long time without water, you should be a yogi).
  9. As usually, if somebody doesn’t get the opportunity to watch this lunar eclipse then it is fine ,next time they too can enjoy.

Also we came across fact that people in Australia also wants to know about chandra grahan 2021 in australia details with facts . so lets see some details also.

chandra grahan 2021 in australia

Chandra grahan 2021 in australia is trending because in 2021 in Australia, Earth doesn’t have full day of 24 hours due to the chandra grahan. Chandra grahan is also called as Rahu Kaal or Rahu kaal in India it’s not a full day for everyone on this planet because moon is in different position at different time & earth has different speed which causes difference in actual time & 24 hours time. **

Sun is the main source of light but sun is not always at same position in space because earth moves around its axis (tilted) which causes different positions of sunlight on Earth’s surface during a year, that’s why day has 24-hr length for some countries but it can be 20hr, 23hr, 22hr, 21hr for some countries. Because of this chandra grahan Australia is not having full time of 24 hour in 2021.

Rahu kaal is 8 min & 40 sec per month difference with reference to actual day & night on Earth that means every 90 days Rahu houses are coming in front of earth’s path which causes shadow on earth. In 2021 Rahu kaal is coming just behind Earth from 11th July to 16th July so it will darken Australia for 4 days.

In the year 2020, Chandra grahan is not happening but in 2021 chandra grahan date can be different in Australia so people are scared about this . moon is going to fall on earth on 14th July 2021 Australia time because of this people are running to temples to solve their fear.


In India, Chandra grahan effects lasts for 15 – 20 minutes or 1/12 day . It normally happens 3 times a year at any planet in the skies as per Vedic Astrology. In some countries it may be 4-5 times a year.

In Rahu Kaal Australia, people are going to follow “No Work- No Food” rule from 10th July 2021 so it may affect the economy of Australia & they have to do something about this chandra grahan in Australia otherwise their country’s economy would be at risk.

a lunar eclipse is Perth is enjoyed by people standing around the moon watching it. But did you know that standing around the moon is actually a very bad idea?

This is because orbiting satellites can get in between you and the moon, which will cause all sorts of problems for their orbit. It’s even worse if they’re low earth orbit (LEO) -style satellites, since there’s a lot of junk up there. And if you get in between them and the moon, even for a few seconds, you can make them crash into each other.

This isn’t just idle speculation; this is exactly what happened on Monday night when an astronomer checking Hubble spotted debris, or “space junk”, around the moon’s path – and realised it was the remains of the Chinese satellite SJ-12.

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The debris had been created on January 23 when a disused Russian spy satellite and an Iridium communications satellite collided with each other over northern Siberia, creating a cloud of more than 200 fragments that eventually spread out across polar orbits. (They’re still up there!) Some of these crashed into each other again when they passed closest to Earth, creating more debris.

This is a big problem – not just for astronomers who want to look at the stars without ruining their night vision, but for space agencies and companies that are eyeing up future satellite networks for telecommunications and military purposes. NASA alone has calculated that there’s about 500,000 bits of “space junk” orbiting Earth.

This is also a big problem for astronomers, who rely on high-resolution images from their telescopes to study celestial objects. According to the astronomer who spotted the debris earlier this week, such fragments pose a particular hazard because they “can travel faster than a speeding bullet and ruin your whole day

As we said that After a very long gap again today,19th November 2021 we are going to see a Blood moon eclipse Australia or say Lunar blood moon eclipse in Australia along with many other countries and places in Australia. Above we discussed all topics like What time is the lunar eclipse 2021 Australia, blood moon eclipse,lunar eclipse 2021 Perth etc. We hope this helps to understand and get all the required information.

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