Kgf Chapter 3 story prediction, kgf chapter 3 me kya hoga

KGF Chapter 3 story Prediction is one of the major searches on google after people watched KGF chapter 2. Yes, in this article I am going to reveal the KGF 2 expected story and your most asked question that kgf chapter 3 me kya Hoga. So read this complete article about KGF chapter 3 story prediction. This is explained keeping in Mind the complete storyline of KGF chapter 1 and 2 and also the stories plot previously. At end of KGF 2 it was hinted that KGF chapter 3 is confirmed to release next year. So let’s have a look at KGF chapter 3 story prediction and detail. First we explained Chapter 1 and 2 story so you can understand Chapter 3 prediction. All Updates are here related to this post.

KGF movie series is one of the hit and top movie series in India. KGF chapter 1 and now KGF chapter 2 has already became hit on the box office and have earned big amount. KGF not only watched in India but worldwide more than 5000 screen. KGF chapter 1 and KGF chapter 2 you at the end film teased that KGF chapter 3 is also going to come soon.

It means KGF chapter 3 will release in coming year. So the people are excited to know about the story of KGF chapter 3. KGF chapter 3 story production and kGF chapter 3 mein kya hoga are the two most common queries nowadays on Google.

So we also so I going to explain you each and every detail and complete story line of the KGF movie so that you can understand the sequence and can look at the possibilities that what can happening KGF 3. “So let’s see KGF chapter 1 story and KGF chapter 2 story to better understand KGF chapter 3 story prediction.” Todays updates for post.

KGF Chapter 1 Story

The movie sets plots from 1950’s. Here, two incidents take place; The birth of the Yash (hero) which is showedi= in frame of mothers loving soon and other in the Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F) which is Place of gold. The hero is shown in poor and poverty from childhood days. When he is very young itself he goes to Mumbai to become a don. His mother’s wish was to see her son rich and powerful and this has be showcased beautifully with music that holds you on screen till end. After being in Mumbai how he fights wuth others,how he gets on KGF and becomes Sultan of kgf. This all is plot of KGF chapter 1 . So now u understood storyline of KGF chapter 1. Now lets see what happened after this

KGF Chapter 2 Story

KGF 2 starts exactly where KGF 1 was left after killing villian, however, there is a twist in the sequel, Anant Nag is not narrating story and is replaced by Prakash Raj in form of son to explain Chapter 2. Well, coming to the film, Rocky (Yash) takes over KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) and creates his empire, but fate has other plans as Garuda’s brother Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) comes into the scene, evidently with a bigger plan. Then this situaton force Rocky to leave KGF and manages something big and come back to fight Adheera, and how he manages to face the deadly Adheera is shown.

LATER comes the then Prime Minister of India named Ramika Sen (role played by Raveena Tandon), and later in fight Rocky GirlFriend Dies and Last scene shows that Indian navy attacked Rocky ship and rocky going down in water with all Gold. Now Wheter he died or still ALIVE is not disclosed. Also after Credits at end KGF Chapter 3 ( final Draft) Book Sccene is shown to Hint people that KGF 3 is also going to come . SO lets see what can be KGF chapter 3 story prediction and KGF chapter 3 story in hindi.

KGF chapter 3 story Prediction

As at the end in KGF chapter 2 the Rocky soon as dead after the attack of Indian Navy. Has been shown that after taking all the gold from KGF, loaded all the gold on the ship and went away from their to the towards International border where this encounter took place. But in real sense has not been shown dead just has been shown that his diving deep into the water and is senseless. So now there can be two predictions or 2 expected stories line.


KGF chapter 3 story prediction (1st expected story)

Before dying, for a few years he went outside KGF to grow his business, to expand his business and illegal activities according to the movies in worldwide. There is also and where CIA ask for Rocky to investigate about different wrong activities done in their country and this is not the one country there are several countries in which Rocky has expanded his business in wrong way. There might be possibility that the story can revolve around this. How Rocky expanded is business into this country’s and became Don worldwide, what incidents took place over there in between that time period and and how he manage to escape from there. This plant can work and study can be revolve around this.

KGF chapter 3 story prediction (2nd expected story)

It seems that he is dying and going down in the sea. But there might be possibility that in third part of KGF it can be shown that he was not died and you went to some other place or location and someone saved him. Then again he will try to come back to KGF and acquire his lost Empire aur will again try to build that Empire. Because there might be a big possibility of Return of Rocky in KGF 3 because the film is titled itself Kolar Gold Fields KGF so the movie is going to revolve around this kgs campus this is the central point of the story. It can be reflected that what happened after the Attack by Indian Army on the KGF where many workers and people working. Might be the rock is going to take revenge of that or some interesting comes regarding this.

KGF chapter 3 me kya hoga

Above are the two different Expectations for KGF chapter 3 story or se KGF chapter 3 story prediction. I hope you will able to understand the complete layout and the KGF movies story floor from part 1 to part 3 . Because movies going to continue its plot and that’s why it becomes more important regarding to two different theories of stories explained above with answers to question including KGF chapter 3 me kya hoga.

However, this is completely an assumption and expectation, and based on that I have predicted different story is possible for KGF chapter 3. Whatever will be the story that we will come to know when the film releases. For that, we have to wait for the KGF chapter 3 release. Many people were asking will KGF chapter 3 come to show the. The line is that yes KGF chapter 3 is going to come and it has been officially confirmed. It is confirmed that KGF chapter 3 is going to release in 2023 or 2024.

Thanks for reading the complete article regarding KGF chapter 3 story Prediction. If you really found it interesting and to the point then I hope you will be sharing this web page and story link to your friends family and KGF fans. So you are some love and support by sharing and supporting us. Will update you soon with the more interesting facts and events of KGF Chapter 3. If you have still any doubts then do not forget to comment below. We will be replying to your comments regarding kgs chapter 3 story questions and queries. Thanks a lot !

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Kgf Chapter 3 story prediction

KGF Chapter 3 story prediction is already live on the blog. Click Here to read about KGF chapter 3 expected story. The story can revolve around 2 plots continuing from Part1 and Part 2 of KGF movie series

KGF Chapter 3 release date

KGF Chapter 3 release date is expected in End of 2023. Still it needs to be confirmed by Filmmakers and Producers.

KGF chapter 3 me kya hoga

KGF chapter 3 me kya hoga ye maine is article me bata diya hai. KGF chapter 3 ki kahani chapter 2 ke baad ki dikahi jayegi. kya kya possibilities hai wo hamne is article me bataya hai.

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